What to do in Washington

  • Library of Congress
    The Library of Congress is housed across three buildings on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC: the Thomas Jefferson Building (10 1st Street SE), the James Madison Memorial Building (101 Independence Avenue SE) and the John Adams Building (2nd Street SE, between Independence Avenue and East Capitol Street). The library houses more than 164 million items, from books to photos to recordings to maps to many more unique historical artifacts.
    It also serves as a museum, with numerous exhibits inside the incredible Thomas Jefferson Building.
  • Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
    The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden displays some of the most unique artworks in modern and contemporary art, including painting, sculpture and photography. Located at the corner of 7th Street and Independence Avenue SW on the National Mall, the museum is passionate about creating shared experiences among artists, their art and audiences. Founded in 1974 by renowned art collector Joseph H. Hirshhorn, curators continue to expand the collection of the museum, which now boasts more than 12,000 pieces.
  • Washington National Cathedral
    Stained-glass windows, Gothic spires and flying buttresses may make the Washington National Cathedral look ages old, but the grand church was actually constructed during the 20th century.
    Though overseen by the Episcopal Church, the house of worship welcomes people of all faiths to its impressive site on the highest point in DC.
  • National Museum of African Art
    The National Museum of African Art is located on Independence Avenue SW on the National Mall.
    The museum possesses the largest publicly held collection of African art in the United States, with roughly 12,000 objects in total.
    Its mission; to teach visitors about African art and create a dialogue that crosses cultural boundaries.
  • Beautiful Gardens and Butterfly House
    If colorful butterflies flying around you has entered your dreams, do not miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful and gigantic Brookside Gardens with gardens as far as the eyes can see and a butterfly nursery to leave any nature lover enchanted.
    The Butterfly Garden, the Rose Garden and the Aquatic Garden are among the dozens of attractions of Brookside.
  • The Battlefield Park
    An interesting activity for those interested in war histories is to pay a visit to the preserved battlegrounds of the famous Antietam National Battlefield Park in Maryland.
    By visiting the park one can bare witness to the reproduction of the bloodiest battle of American history, where 23 thousand soldiers were killed during the American Civil War in 1862.
    • Georgetown, the most charming place of the destination
      Started off as port city and developed into an area of pure charm, this is considered to be a neighborhood of breathtaking standards. Colorful colonial houses have given way to restaurants, bistros, art galleries and famous stores.
      Multiple scenes of cinematic romance have come to life here, not to mention it is the place where JFK asked Jackie to be his wife.
      Georgetown, home to the Waterfront is full of restaurants, bars and shops and is ideal for spending a few enjoyable hours after a walk, a bike ride, or even an afternoon of kayaking on the Potomac River.
    • Theater
      Throughout the year, productions for audiences of all ages grace legendary stages in the nation's capital.
      From the picturesque grandeur of the Kennedy Center and National Theatre to intimate stages at Arena Stage and Woolly Mammoth Theatre (among many others), Washington, DC features outstanding theater experiences for every audience.
      Whether you’re seeing a cutting-edge drama or the world premiere of a joyous musical that's Broadway-bound, DC’s theater and performing arts scene is sure to leave you breathless.
    • Bike tour in DC- by Bike & Roll
      Washington is full of historical monuments and incredible museums that deserve a visit. One enjoyable way to accomplish this is to take a bike tour with strategic stops at the principal tourist attractions along the National Mall.
      This is the city’s most famous and visited area, which includes the White House, the home of American presidents for more than 200 years, and many monuments.
      Visit the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, etc. or simply enjoy a ride through the beautiful Rock Creek Park.
    • Enjoy D.C. illuminated
      Given that many of the city’s monuments are illuminated, another time to explore the city is during the early evening.
      Take advantage of the last rays of sunset to see the beauty of the monuments and buildings as they become lit up in the biggest and most important American center of power.
    • More than 60 museums to explore
      There are many cultural attractions in D.C.
      The city has an impressive number of museums to offer people with various concepts.
      It is difficult to choose one among so many such as the Media Museum, the National History Museum, the International Spy Museum, where you can become a secret agent, or the National Aerospace Museum, which is so interesting that it has become the second most visited in the world.
    • Shopping
      No matter where you are in Washington, DC, there are a variety of stores, boutiques, gift shops and malls to find what you're looking for, whether it's a new look for your home or yourself.
    • Local Cuisine
      With the Puget Sound, Pacific Ocean and agricultural regions of Central and Eastern Washington all close at hand, Washington State is known for its fresh and locally sourced products and seafood. In cities from Seattle to Spokane, you’ll find plenty of evidence that this is a state with a special fondness to fine dining.
      Varying from tasty food trucks, produce stored grocery shops and innovative restaurants, Washington promises to offer unique culinary experiences.
    • Artisanal beer with chocolate
      Is it possible that these can be together at the same time?
      If you are not able to imagine a perfect combination between chocolate and beer, your concept is going to change after visiting one of the wonderful beer houses in the region.
      Modern and very delightful, the Flying Dog Brewery of Maryland offers a tour to show you how beer is made, followed by the opportunity to taste the delicious artisanal beers that can be accompanied by chocolate.