International Events

World Allergy Congress (WAC)

Lyon, France December 12-14, 2019

The World Allergy Organization (WAO) and the French Allergy Society (SFA) are pleased to present a special educational program, which will cover the different aspects of allergies. It starts with our red thread: Update your knowledge!

7th International Workshop on Lung Health

Prague, Czech Republic January 16-18, 2020

2nd Annual IRDD Summit 2020

Yew York City May 28-29, 2020

The 2nd Annual IRDD Summit 2020 will focus on the challenges of bringing respiratory products to market and innovative aerosol science, including modelling and toxicology. Presentations will also feature key case studies on the latest trends in inhalation devices, from inhaled insulin to gene therapy to overcome lung and pulmonary conditions, such as COPD, asthma and cystic fibrosis. The event highlights some of the innovators and innovations in the respiratory sector, addresses the importance of end users in the device development process, and presents recent advancements inimproving patient adherence.

10th IPCRG World Conference

Dublin, Ireland
28-30 May 2020

Dublin 2020 aims to expand and exchange knowledge in primary care to improve respiratory health globally.