Hippocratic Oath

5 July 2021, Kos
The majority of the Greek and foreign medical associations, along with dozens of doctors from Greece and abroad, will participate in the ceremony reviving the Hippocratic Oath in its original birthplace. The Oath will be taken on the island of Kos in the ancient Asclepeion where Hippocrates – the ‘father’ of modern medicine – once lived and practiced.
Hippocrates Oath, a masterpiece of moral beauty, promotes professional morality in the medical profession and becomes the vessel of communication for this master’s legacy to every man. It cannot be a coincidence that the international corpus of doctors pledges to this oath in ceremony in spite of it not being a mandatory act any longer.
Hippocrates, who lived from 460-370 BC, held the belief that the body must be treated as a whole and not just a series of parts.
Therefor the ceremony which is a part of the 34th ICMART World Medical Acupuncture Congress 2021 - Dreaming of green medicine held in Athens, 2-4 of July, will take place at the archaeological site on Kos island a day after.
For more information please contact ICMART 2021 Congress Secretariat at info@icmart2021.com