About the Congress

ICMART 2021 Congress will take place as a hybrid event, combining online and physical participation.

What is a Hybrid event?

People can join either by physical and on-line presence or on-line presence only.

Which are the advantages?

  • All participants -both physical and on-line attendance - will have the opportunity to watch all lectures on the online platform and up to 2 months after the congress.
  • All type of Award nominations can be performed both physical and online.
  • Extremely low fees for a 3-day World Congress.
  • It is the first time that none of the lectures will be missed!

Congress format:

There will be 4 parallel halls:
a. Physical and On-line participation - Hall 1*
All Keynote lectures, Forums, Posters, Awards, ICMART General Assembly will take place in this hall for 3 days, in a physical format.
b. Only On-line participation– Hall 2, 3, 4*
13 Thematic sessions on different acupuncture fields, microsystems and techniques and 11 Oral presentation sessions will take part in 3 different rooms for 3 days and will cover all important topics on acupuncture.

*As mentioned above all type of participants can watch on demand all lectures at any later point in time and up to 2 months.

Disclaimer: In case that the Greek government prohibits congresses with physical participation due to COVID circumstances and beyond our will, the whole congress will switch into completely virtual (Online)!

All ICMART congresses are well known for their high scientific standards and are great social events. They are a great opportunity to get the newest developments on scientific acupuncture, related techniques, research and clinical practice.

This year we continue with great keynote lectures, workshops and clinical cases from outstanding speakers who will join the congress. We also promote lectures in small groups so people will have the chance to get in touch and brainstorming.

In our birthplace Greek Medicine was born, a scientific and “holistic” approach of early medicine. Today Green Medicine brings again the concept of a “better” medicine for the person and the environment. Acupuncture and other modalities which serve this idea will be addressed at this congress.

Our aim is to facilitate a sustainable future for medicine, physicians, patients, and our planet.