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B.Braun is one of the world´s leading healthcare suppliers offering innovative and high quality products and services for hospitals and medical practices. The Aesculap Division, with competence in the operating theater for more than 150 years, focuses on products and services for all of the core processes in surgery also in the field of Neurosurgery.

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Mectron based in Italy is a leading developer and producer of top-quality devices in medical and dental fields since 1979.
When Mectron introduced PIEZOSURGERY®, the technology was revolutionary for bone surgery: a device which provided precision, safety, perfect ergonomics and the highest quality to surgeons all around the world. Soon the new technology became the benchmark for bone cutting devices.
Today more and more surgeons also discover the postoperative benefits brought by mectron PIEZOSURGERY® devices and specifically faster and better bone healing, reduced pain, swelling and edema.

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The Black Forest Medical Group

The Black Forest Medical Group is driven to create a new world in neurosurgery together with its partners and customers. The company offers solutions that help neurosurgeons and their teams to conduct operations safely and efficiently. Today, with its innovative DORO® products for cranial stabilization and brain retraction, the Black Forest Medical Group is a global market leader.

Visit www.blackforestmedical.com for further details.

Surgical Theater

Surgical Theater, the market leader in virtual and augmented reality healthcare services, is the first to combine fighter jet flight simulation technology with a patient’s own anatomy scans. Rendered from CT, MRI, and advanced post processing images such as DTI, BOLD and Perfusion, the 360° virtual reality model is designed to allow surgeons and patient to step into the patient's diagnosis and to walk together in a 360-degree, Virtual Reality reconstruction of the patient’s anatomy. Surgeons literally walk in the space between the white matter tracks and the tumor, being fully immersed, gaining unprecedented situational awareness and clarity of assessment.

Visit www.surgicaltheater.net for further details.