AthensTrainers® are a team of experienced, professional, highly trained personal trainers, who cooperate closely with physiotherapists, dieticians / nutritionists as well as doctors to offer a full range of Wellness Services designed for specific individual needs, as and where required. AthensTrainers® organizes a series of qualitative Educational Fitness Seminars designed for both Fitness & Health Professionals and provides numerous other cutting edge services.
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EVIOL is one of the leading food supplements brands in Greece, trusted by Health Care Professionals and consumers in major categories, like Multivitamins, Vitamin B Complex, Memory and Mental Performance. EVIOL food supplements are manufactured by GAP, one of the most dynamic and aspiring Greek pharmaceutical companies, with their production adhering to very strict quality procedures and international standards (GMP and HACCP). The main mission of these high quality food supplements is to promote health, wellness and vitality and improve the daily routine of hectic lifestyles.
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Lifestyle & Prevention Medicine

Lifestyle & Prevention Medicine Institute Our mission is to add years of healthy living to the life of our members through best in Class Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine based Diagnostics and Coaching focusing on Nutricion, Exercise and Healthy Living. We are investing in a center of excellence in Prague incorporating a hotel, healthy living center and state of the art diagnostics as a hub in Central Europe.


The aim of functional and nutritional biology is to ensure that cells, tissues and organs function optimally. SYNLAB has developed sophisticated nutritional tests to assess a variety of health concerns: fibromyalgia • cardiovascular risk • stress • cognitive impairment • depression • obesity/overweight • fertility • sport • microbiota/intestinal ecosystem and oxidative stress.
Functional and nutritional biology tests are the onset of a predictive, preventive and personalised medicine aiming at optimising patients’ health.