Poster Presentations

PP01 Modifying lifestyle project: Implementation of a Lifestyle Modification Consultation In Primary Health Care
Marta Goes Freitas, Portugal

PP02 Mindfulness as a tool in lifestyle medicine
Anca Hancu, Romania

PP03 Effects of lifestyle changes on semen quality in healthy young men
Monica Marullo, Italy

PP04 Eating disorders / mood disorders and gut microbiota
Anca Hancu, Romania

PP05 Neurophysiological explanations for body therapy in mental health
Cristina Staub, Switzerland

PP06 Lifestyle medicine in practice: assessment and intervention in Hungary
Marton Dvorak, Hungary

PP07 Precision medicine, lifestyle medicine
Anca Hancu, Romania

PP08 Holistic lifestyle changes in everyday clinical practice
Cristina Staub, Switzerland

PP09 The role of raw beetroot in enhancing exercise performance
Daniela Assimiti, Thailand

PP10 Eating habits of patients with chronic diseases in a Hungarian municipality
Dóra Varga, Hungary

PP11 The role of Mediterranean Diet in the prevention and the treatment of increased body weight: review
Gkitsa Andriana, Greece

PP12 Role of different type of oils in Albanian colorectal patients
Adea Koçollari, Albania

PP13 Fruits and vegetables intake and colorectal cancer: a case-control study in the Albanian population
Adea Koçollari, Albania

PP14 Breastfeeding is the first nutritional programming for future health
Maria Adamantia Malliarou, Greece

PP15 Orthodox Monastic Diet: a sustainable diet with potential beneficial effects for human health and quality of life
Maria Mantzorou, Greece

PP16 Clinical evaluation of cranberry consumption against urinary tract infections in patients with gynaecological or prostate cancer
Anastasia Kavalari, Greece

PP17 Sarcopenia: Epidemiology and the impact of nutrition and exercise
Sousana Papadopoulou, Greece

PP18 Assessing the impact of the dietary habits in healthcare professionals
Maria Mantzorou, Greece

PP19 Clinical evaluation of blueberries consumption on chronic diseases prevention and health promotion
Maria Mantzorou, Greece

PP20 Evaluation of the effect of selected minerals (Zn and Se) on the expression of interleukin 17 and 18 genes in the spleens of rats with implanted prostate cancer cells (LNCaP)
Agata Sieranska, Poland

PP21 Impact of medium term combined low fat and low glycemic index diet on abdominal obesity
Monica Susan, Romania

PP22 Evaluating of nutrition in the development of Multiple Sclerosis patients
Christina Tryfonos, Greece

PP23 Walking for our health: a walking with patients’ project
Marta Freitas, Portugal

PP24 Happy Lifestyle: Stress management with dance
Agnes L.Nagy, Hungary

PP25 Evaluation of polypharmacy in individuals over 65 years of age in Balcova district of Izmir
Ilgi Semin, Turkey

PP26 Osmolality and osmolal gap in type 2 diabetic patients: a pilot study
Monika Klimek, Poland

PP27 Prevalence of unhealthy lifestyle habits in high school students from Split, Croatia
Ivana Kolčić, Croatia

PP28 The impact of xerostomia on oral health related quality of life of older men: analysis of data from the British regional heart study
Eleni Psaraki, Greece

PP29 Interdisciplinary diabetes prevention program in the primary health center of Neos Kosmos in Greece
Eleni Psaraki, Greece

PP30 Developing a healthy lifestyle program for disadvantaged elderly living in poverty
Julie Vanderlinden, Belgium

PP31 The effects of a multicomponent healthy lifestyle program on sleep and health outcomes in older adults
Julie Vanderlinden, Belgium

PP32 Influence of the use of electronic devices on the quality of sleep
Razvan Susan, Romania

PP33 Effects of physical activity and exercise on sleep in older adults
Julie Vanderlinden, Belgium