Oral Presentations

OP01 Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and lifestyle modification: results from an Italian Mediterranean oriented intervention study
Barbara Zanini (Italy)

OP02 A workplace-based approach to enhancing wellbeing and productivity through physical activity
Monika Misra (UK)

OP03 Unusual working hours as a threat to healthy lifestyles
Sara Gamboa Madeira (Portugal)

OP04 Dietary Intervention study in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases: design of the study and beginning of the enrolment
Barbara Zanini (Italy)

OP05 Why do not Health Plans work? Perception and measurement of lifestyle risk factors
Barnabas Margitai (Hungary)

OP06 Impact of Physicians Lifestyle on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Lifestyle Medicine
Narayana Krishnappa (India)

OP07 The holistic multicenter study: lifestyle differences between Italian and Turkish healthcare students
Debora Porri (Italy)

OP08 Nutrition attitudes and knowledge improvement in Portuguese medical students after completion of an integrated nutrition curricular unit
Diana Teixeira (Portugal)

OP09 The association between physical activity and perceived stress in university students: holistic study
Tanja Dragun (Croatia)

OP10 Challenges of childhood overweight and obesity prevention
Edit Paulik (Hungary)

OP11 Lifestyle, education and health promotion
Massimiliano Panella (Italy)

OP12 Use of Motivational Interviewing to improve physical activity among pregnant women
Jovana Todorovic (Serbia)

OP13 Exclusive breastfeeding for at least four months is associated with lower prevalence of overweight and obesity in mothers and their children after 2-5 years from delivery
Maria Astra (Greece)

OP14 Waist circumference, pre-pregnancy physical activity and gestational diabetes mellitus
Zorica Terzic-Supic (Serbia)

OP15 Deep-Water Running Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors
Gabriel Ruiz Signorelli (Spain)

OP16 Epidemiological features in a Greek mountainous population; “Galinos” program
Fotios Panagiotis Tatakis (Greece)

OP17 Risk for sarcopenic obesity in Italian free-living elderly population
Alessandra Vincenti (Italy)

OP18 Taking a "Bottom-Up" Approach: Using a student-led wellness team to create a health promoting school of medicine
Jumanah Essa-Hadad (Israel)

OP19 Impacts of depressive symptoms and cognitive deficits on the functionality and the quality of life of elderly people
İlgi Şemin (Turkey)

OP20 Effects of Mindfulness on Psychological and Psychophysiological Responses During Real-Life Physical Activity
Marcelo Bigliassi (Brazil)

OP21 Improving healthy lifestyles through “happy village committees” and volunteers in a District
Indika Pathiraja (Sri Lanka)

OP22 Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in a Greek mountainous population; from theory to practice- “Galinos”
Fotios - Panagiotis Tatakis (Greece)