Themes    & Annotations

Themes for paper submission

  • Theme 1 » Curricula: Undergraduate, (Post)Graduate, Doctoral
    The description of specific geotechnical engineering modules, courses, programs at any level is in essence a case study in education.
  • Theme 2 » Coursework: Laboratory, Field, Project-based, Numerical Methods
    The description of how we organize any type of coursework is also a case study in education.
  • Theme 3 » Open Resource Educational Material
    This theme deals with Transferable Educational Material or Reusable Objects (these two terms are used as synonyms) that are developed to be sharable.
  • Theme 4 » Applications of ICT Tools
    Applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to geotechnical engineering instruction: for papers with significant emphasis on the technology that do not qualify for Theme 3.
  • Theme 5 » Links to Research on Learning and on Engineering Education
    Evidence-based instructional interventions, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (action-based research, where professors investigate the learning in their own classrooms in a scholarly fashion), applications of learning theories to the teaching of geotechnical engineering concepts.

Priority themes for paper submission and panel discussion

  • Priority Theme 1 » Training for Geotechnical Engineering Instructors
    • Sub-Theme A: Professional development support
      Question for panel discussion: Training only for young instructors?
    • Sub-Theme B: The role of the Engineering Education community
      Questions for panel discussion: How to attract engineering instructors? How to promote discipline-based education research (research on teaching a specific discipline)? How to augment the pedagogical content knowledge of a discipline (increase the “teachability” of a discipline)?
    • Sub-Theme C: The role of University Teaching and Learning Centers
      Question for panel discussion: How to guide and motivate young instructors to locate and augment the pedagogical knowledge of their own discipline?

    Priority Theme 2 » Incentives and Opportunities for Industry-Academia Collaboration
    • Sub-Theme A: Involvement of industry in curriculum development
      Question for panel discussion: How can academia better tailor the teaching of geotechnical engineering basics to the needs of the industry?
    • Sub-Theme B: Involvement of industry in the development of educational material
      Question for panel discussion: How can the industry collaborate with academia to co-produce (a) case study material suitable for undergraduate instruction and (b) geotechnical characterization data suitable for the development of course assignments and projects?
    • Sub-Theme C: Other joint educational ventures
      Question for panel discussion: Where do the learning needs in university instruction and in industry training overlap?