• Prof. Andrzej Mariusz Fal

    Quitting bad habits - the most effective treatment of the XXI century.

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Prof. Erica Frank

    Introduction to the concept of NextGenU.org

  • Pedro L. González

    Behavioral Insights in Lifestyle Medicine: Stop promoting health

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Prof. Algimantas Kirkutis

    It's More Important To Preserve Health Than To Cure Disease
  • Benno Krachler

    Evaluation of multimodal lifestyle interventions in clinical practise: What measures are relevant?

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Lilach Malatskey

    The impact of medical student lifestyle counseling for patients with chronic illness

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Wojciech Marlicz

    Noncommunicable diseases through the eye of microbiome research

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Sadhana Mendhurwar

    Patho-Physiology of Lifestyle Disorders

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Ifeoma Monye

    The birth and growth of lifestyle medicine in Africa: the crucial importance of lifestyle medicine education

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Rabbanie Tariq

    Lifestyle Medicine Technology

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Prof. Labros Sidossis

    The effect of exercise, diet and environmental factors on brown fat activation and insulin sensitivity/lipid metabolism

    Short Curriculum Vitae
  • Stefania Ubaldi

    Lifestyle Medicine Intervention for chronic diseases and Infertility: an interdisciplinary model

    Short Curriculum Vitae