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Wednesday | September 11, 2019

08:00-09:00 Flash Session 1:
Allograft - Vascularized bone graft / Navigation and robotics
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Valerae Lewis (United States) – Kwok-chuen Wong (China)

Allograft - Vascularized bone graft
08:00 FS1.1 Shoufeng Wang (China): Biological reconstruction with vascularized fibula for management of malignant tumors in limbs
08:03 FS1.2 Yao Weitao (China): Middle and long effect of osteoarticular allo/autograft replacement in the treatment of proximal humerus osteosarcoma
08:06 FS1.3 Bulent Erol (Turkey): Free fibula reconstruction of distal tibial osteoarticular defects after sarcoma surgery
08:09 FS1.4 Han-Soo Kim (South Korea): Clinical outcome of free vascularized fibular graft for reconstruction of large bone defect after tumor excision
08:12 FS1.5 Patricio Alfaro (Chile) Intercalary femur biological reconstruction after bone tumor resection in children
08:15 FS1.6 Lukas Pazourek (Czech Republic): The use of vascularized fibular autograft for reconstruction of bone defects after resection of bone tumors
Navigation and robotics
08:18 FS1.7 Pramod S. Chinder (India): Robotic surgery assisted En Bloc sacrectomy for primary bone tumours of the sacrum: Experience of 7cases
08:21 FS1.8 Philipp Theodor Funovics (Austria): CT-guided computer navigation-assisted surgery for musculoskeletal tumors
08:24 FS1.9 Chao Ming Chen (Taiwan): From 2D -> 3D -> 4D, how image management would transform bone tumor surgery?
08:27 FS1.10 Catrin Wigley (United Kingdom): Are uniplanar and multiplanar computer assisted resections safe in sacral tumours?
08:30 FS1.11 Junqiang Yin (China): Surgical classification for robot-assisted sacral tumor resection
08:33 FS1.12 Justin Bird (United States): Robot-assisted resection of a lumbar schwannoma and the application of a novel innovation safety algorithm
08:36 FS1.13 Sarah Bosma (Netherlands): Improved surgical accuracy for navigated pelvic and sacral primary bone sarcoma resections: A historically controlled study
08:39 FS1.14 Marcos Galli Serra (Argentina): Our experience with 3-D preoperative planning, stereolithographic models and custom-made implants in a University Hospital in a developing country
08:00-09:00 Flash Session 2:
Basic research-Translational research / Spinal and sacral tumors

N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Francis Lee (United States) - Patrick Lin (United States)

Basic research-Translational research
08:00 FS2.1 Wang Jir-You (Taiwan): The potential role of estrogen receptor alpha on osteosarcoma prognosis and assistant effects for current chemotherapy
08:03 FS2.2 Qiang Yang (China): The effect of DNA-PKcs on cisplatin resistance and metastasis in osteosarcoma cells and underlying molecular mechanisms
08:06 FS2.3 Pakpoom Ruangsomboon (Thailand): Chromosomal abnormalities in recurrent giant cell tumor of bone
08:09 FS2.4 Anna Kulidjian (United States): Enzalutamide treatment results in anti-androgen resistance in patient-derived bone metastatic prostate cancer models
08:12 FS2.5 André Mathias Baptista (Brazil): Statistical description of ankle and foot tumors, a single university institution experience
08:15 FS2.6 Xu Huaiyuan (China): Analysis of circulating free DNA in high-grade sarcoma patients for survival prediction
08:18 FS2.7 Min Wook Joo (South Korea): Novel germline variants in sporadic schwannomatosis
08:21 FS2.8 Rattasiri Namsiri (Thailand): Tissue specific microRNA mean expression in liposarcoma and lipoma
08:24 FS2.9 Shoufeng Wang (China): Inhibiting giT1 reduces the growth, invasion, and angiogenesis of osteosarcoma
Spinal and sacral tumors
08:27 FS2.10 Permsak Paholpak (Thailand): The most appropriate diameter of titanium mesh cage for reconstruction after one level total en bloc spondylectomy: A finite element analysis
08:30 FS2.11 Jianmin Li (China): Strategies of treatment and controversies for giant cell tumor of the spine
08:33 FS2.12 Alessandro Luzzati (Italy): Cervical en-block spondilectomy: planning, results and failures (19 cases)
08:36 FS2.13 Alessandro Luzzati (Italy): Children en block spondilectomies for malignant tumors: Review of 20 cases
08:39 FS2.14 Carmine Zoccali (Italy): En-bloc spondylectomy in patients older than 60 years: Ιndications, results and complications in a series of 37 patients
08:42 FS2.15 Eduardo Sadao Yonamine (Brazil): Total sacrectomy with videolaparoscopy - 15 years follow-up
09:00-10:00 Symposium 1:
Osseointegration - Bridging the gap between Limb Salvage and Amputation
Banquet Hall 

Moderators:  Örjan Berlin (Sweden) -  Robert R. Turcotte (Canada)

Orjan Berlin (Sweden): An Introduction to the concept of Osseointegration in treatment of amputees
Ian Dickey (United States): Biologic seal in osseous integration with additive manufactured porous metals 
Orjan Berlin (Sweden): Clinical and functional results in treatment of transfemoral amputees with osseointegrated prosthesis
Rickard Branemark (Sweden): Osseointegration as a way to improve quality of life for amputees; history and future possibilities
Conclusions and questions from the audience

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break - e-Posters viewing
10:30-11:30 Platform Session 1: Allograft - Vascularized bone graft
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Luis Aponte-Tinao (Argentina) - Koichiro Ihara (Japan)

10:30 IL1 Introductory Lecture
Nicola Fabbri (United States): Long term outcome of telescope allograft technique for femoral and humeral reconstruction following limb preserving surgery
10:42 OP1.1 Meagan Tibbo (United States): Outcomes of free vascularized fibular grafts for the treatment of radiation-induced femoral nonunions
10:48 OP1.2 Michelle Hilda Luk (Hong Kong): Vascularised bone graft is an effective technique for extra-cortical bone bridging to combat megaprosthesis loosening at the bone-implant junction
10:54 OP1.3 Kishore Reddy (India): Biological reconstruction using vascularised fibula in long bone tumours and recalcitrant osteomyelitis for limb salvage - Characteristics and outcomes
11:00 OP1.4 Michal Mahdal (Czech Republic): Allograft reconstruction following resection of giant cell bone tumor of the distal forearm and hand 
11:06 OP1.5 Stefano Bastoni (Italy): Pelvic ring reconstruction after bone tumour resection with the double-barreled vascularized fibular free flap
11:12 OP1.6 Joshua Johnson (United States): Comparison of free vascularized fibula grafting to allograft strut grafting in spinal pelvic reconstruction for sacral malignancies 
11:18   Discussion
Platform Session 2: Basic research / Translational research
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators:  John Healey (United States) - Lukas Nystrom (United States)

10:30 IL2 Introductory Lecture
Brittany L. Siontis (United States): Circulating Tumor DNA: A Non-Invasive Biomarker in Sarcomas
10:42 OP2.1 Qinglian Tang (China): CDH4 is a novel determinant of osteosarcoma tumorigenesis and metastasis
10:48 OP2.2 Wang Jir-You (Taiwan): Effects of denosumab on stromal cells of giant cell tumor - The genetic change and population change of cancer stem cell
10:54 OP2.3 June Hyuk Kim (South Korea): Integrated molecular characterization of adult soft tissue sarcoma for therapeutic targets
11:00 OP2.4 Taweechok Wisanuyotin (Thailand): Finite element analysis of dual plating position for diaphyseal femoral allograft - Recycling bone fixation
11:06 OP2.5 Hongmin Chen (China): Comprehensive bioinformatic analysis of immune composition and genes for survival prediction in sarcoma
11:12 OP2.6 Burkhard Lehner (Germany): Hydrogen-peroxide reduces cell viability and induces apoptosis of giant cell tumor derived stromal cells – An in vitro model of intraoperative hydrogen-peroxide treatment 
11:18   Discussion
Platform Session 3: Benign and low grade tumors
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Dundar Sabah (Turkey) - Rickard Brånemark (Sweden)

11:30 IL3 Introductory Lecture
Joseph Benevenia (United States): Current treatment of benign musculoskeletal tumors
11:42 OP3.1 David Joyce (United States): Lipomatous soft tissue tumors – Are we doing too much surgery?
11:48 OP3.2 Ajay Puri (India): “Neoadjuvant” denosumab – Its role and results in operable cases of giant cell tumor of bone
11:54 OP3.3 Michael Parry (Finland): Chondroblastoma of bone in extremities-a single centre study of 177 cases
12:00 OP3.4 Murat Hiz (Turkey): Complications of curettage and cementation in low-grade chondrosarcomas
12:06 OP3.5 Hiu Woo Lau (Hong Kong): Giant cell tumor of the extremity – 10-year follow-up to determine the risk factors of local recurrence after curettage and adjuvant bisphosphonates
12:12 OP3.6 Chao Ming Chen (Taiwan): Which one is an optimal option for aggressive giant cell tumor around the knee joint? Intralesional curettage or wide excision?
12:18   Discussion
Platform Session 4: Bone sarcomas 1
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators : Philipp Theodor Funovics (Austria) - Jendrik Hardes (Germany)

11:30 IL4 Introductory Lecture
Peter Steadman (Australia): When will the breakthrough come
11:42 OP4.1 Yao Weitao (China): Efficacy and safety of apatinib in advanced sarcoma: An open-label, non-randomized, single-center study of 45 patients
11:48 OP4.2 Hongyi Zhu (China): Comparison of different treatment options for bone sarcomas involving the distal tibia: A retrospective cohort study
11:54 OP4.3 Patrick Lin (United States): Local recurrence of Ewing sarcoma: Is wide excision acceptable treatment?  
12:00 OP4.4 Weifeng Liu (China): Multicentric osteosarcoma treatment and prognostic factor analysis
12:06 OP4.5 Matthew Houdek (United States): Predictors of readmission and emergency department visits following extremity bone sarcoma resection
12:12 OP4.6 Dimosthenis Andreou (Germany): Clear cell chondrosarcoma – An European Musculoskeletal Oncology Society study on prognostic factors and patient outcome
12:18   Discussion
Presidential Lecture 1
Banquet Hall

Chairperson: Pietro Ruggieri (Italy)

George Douglas Letson (United States): Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
Flash Session 3: Benign tumors
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Robert R. Turcotte (Canada) – Gerard Powell (Australia)

14:00 FS3.1 Hidetatsu Otani (Japan): Clinical outcomes of the patients with chondroblastoma
14:03 FS3.2 Alysia Kemp (United States): Natural history of enchondroma referrals at a comprehensive cancer center
14:06 FS3.3 Meagan Tibbo (United States): Osteoid osteomas of the hip: A well-recognized entity with a proclivity for misdiagnosis
14:09 FS3.4 Zhiye Du (China): Does curettage with hypertonic saline as adjuvant therapy provide lower recurrence rates in giant-cell tumors of extremity?
14:12 FS3.5 Suraj Hindiskere (India): Are multiple doses of Denosumab for giant cell tumours an overkill?
14:15 FS3.6 Li Min (China): First application of three-dimensional (3D) designing total hip arthroplasty (THA) with long uncemented stem for fibrous dysplasia (FD) patients combined with hip joint osteoarthritis (OA)
14:18 FS3.7 Ioannis Papanastassiou (Greece): Ganglion cysts of the proximal tibiofibular joint: A case series of 30 patients
14:21 FS3.8 Hung-kai Weng (Taiwan): Efficacy validation of freezing range and temperature conductivity of repeated cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen as adjuvant therapy for bone tumor
14:24 FS3.9 Benjamin Murphy (Australia): The clinical, radiological and pathological outcomes following treatment of GCTOB with Denosumab
14:27 FS3.10 Domenico Campanacci (Italy): Operative versus non-operative approach in aggressive fibromatosis: Preliminary data from a multicentric study
14:30 FS3.11 Claudia Deckers (Netherlands): Oncological results of cryosurgical therapy for chondroid tumors of the hand
14:33 FS3.12 Kumaran Rasappan (Singapore): The mystery of the raised CA 19-9 in a rare case of Desmoplastic Fibroblastoma in the upper limb
14:36 FS3.13 Prateek Hegde (India): Salvage vs resection in proximal femur benign aggressive lesion: Challenges in decision making
14:39 FS3.14 Burkhard Lehner (Germany): Clinical outcome and risk for recurrence of progressed giant cell tumors of the bone – Retrospective analysis of 90 cases
14:42 FS3.15 Nicola Fabbri (United States): Osteofibrous dysplasia (Campanacci’s disease): Long term follow-up study on natural history, results of treatment and relationship with adamantinoma
Flash Session 4: Bone sarcomas - Clinical trials - Immunotherapy
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Yoshihiro Nishida (Japan) – Dimosthenis Andreou (Germany)

14:00 FS4.1 Eleonora Marini (United States): Extra-articular excision of the knee joint for locally advanced high-grade osteosarcoma of the distal femur is oncologically safe but associated with higher complication rate and inferior functional outcome than intra-articular excision
14:03 FS4.2 Murat Hiz (Turkey): The role of neoadjuvan irradition treatment in Ewing sarcoma patients
14:06 FS4.3 Nattapol Choursamran (Thailand): Outcomes and prognostic factors for chondrosarcoma patients
14:09 FS4.4 Stefano Bastoni (Italy): Iliac crest free flap reconstruction after calcanectomy in bone tumors: analysis of oncological results and functional outcome
14:12 FS4.5 Robert Nakayama (Japan): Clinical outcome of clear cell chondrosarcoma: A multicenter study from the Japanese musculoskeletal oncology group
14:15 FS4.6 Vineet Kurisunkal (India): Clear cell chondrosarcoma in Indian population – Are outcomes different?
14:18 FS4.7 Ashish Gulia (India): Oncological outcomes of surgically treated extremity and pelvic chondrosarcomas
14:21 FS4.8 Fabrice Delepine (France): Very long-term follow-up of composite prostheses after periacetabular resection
14:24 FS4.9 Reiko Imai (Japan): Carbon ion radiotherapy for axial bone sarcomas: Review of 512 cases treated according to protocols
14:27 FS4.10 Michael Parry (Finland): Female hormone plays a major role in grade 2 chondrosarcoma survival
14:30 FS4.11 Domenico Andrea Campanacci (Italy): Bone tumors of the foot: Are they candidate for limb salvage?
14:33 FS4.12 Wu Sujia (China): Outcome of patients with osteosarcoma after recurrence and analysis of factors affecting the long-term survival - A long-term follow-up study of recurrent patients by multicenter
14:36 FS4.13 Qingyu Fan (China): Microwave ablation therapy of giant cell tumors of bone
14:39 FS4.14 Sohil Patel (United Kingdom): Early outcomes following segmental bone replacement with massive segmental endoprosthesis using novel laser sintered porous collars
14:42 FS4.15 Marilyn Heng (United States): The role of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in extraskeletal osteosarcoma
14:45 FS4.16 Eugene Jang (United States): Statistical fragility of surgical and procedural clinical trials in orthopedic oncology
14:48   Discussion
Platform Session 5:
Clinical trial – Chemotherapy – Immunotherapy and Radiotherapy - IVR

Banquet Hall

Moderators: Evanthia Galanis (United States) - Reiko Imai (Japan)

15:00 IL5 Introductory Lecture
Steven Robinson (United States): Oncolytic Virotherapy: An alternate immune based approach to treating soft tissue sarcomas
15:12 OP5.1 Binghao Li (China): Profiling chondrosarcomas which are potentially sensitive to immunotherapy based on multi-dimensional analyses
15:18 OP5.2 Tom Scharschmidt (United States): ARST 1321: Pazopanib neoadjuvant trial in non-rhabdomyosarcoma soft tissue sarcomas: A report of major wound complications
15:24 OP5.3 Lu Xie (China): Apatinib plus camrelizumab (SHR-1210) for unresectable high-grade osteosarcoma (APFAO) progressing after chemotherapy: A prospective, open-label, phase 2 trial
15:30 OP5.4 Pramod Chinder (India): Interstitial brachytherapy for soft tissue sarcomas: Experience of 23cases
15:36 OP5.5 Catrin Wigley (United Kingdom): The role of different radiotherapy modalities in central Ewing's sarcoma
15:42 OP5.6 Min Wook Joo (South Korea): Post-radiation sarcoma: A study by the Eastern Asian Musculoskeletal Oncology Group
15:48   Discussion
Platform Session 6: Complications in tumor surgery 1
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Harzem Özger (Turkey) – Walid Ebeid (Egypt)

15:00 IL6 Introductory Lecture
Xiaohui Niu (China): Cemented full diameter Short-Stem plus late extra-medullar biological fixation for revision of lower limb mega-prosthesis aseptic loosening failure
15:12 OP6.1 Michala Skovlund Sørensen (Denmark): Use of endoprostheses for proximal femur metastases results in a rapid rehabilitation and low risk of implant failure. A prospective population-based study
15:18 OP6.2 Christoph Theil (Germany): Subsequent megaprosthetic failure in patients with sarcoma - What to expect after first revision surgery?
15:24 OP6.3 Katsuhiro Hayashi (Japan): Evaluation of osteoarthritis in grafted osteoarticular frozen autografts for reconstruction after resection of malignant bone tumor involving an epiphysis
15:30 OP6.4 Jendrik Hardes (Germany): The Mutars distal femur replacement in sarcoma patients
15:36 OP6.5 Alexandra K. Callan (United States): Thirty-day post-operative readmission, reoperation and mortality in patients with pathologic hip fractures in the setting of bone tumors
15:42 OP6.6 Jingnan Shen (China): Experience with periprosthetic infection after limb salvage surgery for patients with osteosarcoma
15:48   Discussion
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break - e-Posters viewing
Flash Session 5: Joint-sparing surgery / Limb salvage in children
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Apichat Asavamongkolkul (Thailand) - Matthew Houdek (United States)

Joint-sparing surgery
16:30 FS5.1 Michihito Miyagi (Japan): Joint-sparing surgery using a recycled tumor-bearing autograft for malignant bone tumor
16:33 FS5.2 Saminathan Suresh Nathan (Singapore): Relative knee instability on motion capture analysis suggests joint salvage provides improved functionality through biological tolerability
Limb salvage in children
16:36 FS5.3 Ajay Puri (India): Chondrosarcomas in children and adolescents – Are they different?
16:39 FS5.4 Jingnan Shen (China): Reconstruction of knee joint with semi-joint endoprosthesis in bone malignancies of adolescents
16:42 FS5.5 Andrzej Szafranski (Poland): Evaluation of indications and the perspectives of limb salvage surgery in malignant bone tumors in children
 16:45 FS5.6 Tao Ji (China): Devitalized autograft and intramedullary free vascularized fibular in skeletal reconstruction for bone tumors in children
16:48 FS5.7 Haomiao Li (China): Preliminary research of combining LARS and semi-joint replacement for malignant tumor around the knee in children
16:51 FS5.8 Rodanthi Margariti (Greece): Is the expandable endoprosthesis a reliable limb-salvage option for growing children with malignant bone tumors of the lower extremity? Our experience
16:54 FS5.9 Peter Steadman (Australia): Adjusting for growth in managing long bone sarcoma's in the skeletally immature
16:57 FS5.10 Man Lung Moses Li (Hong Kong): Extracortical bone bridge formation is the key to the longevity of tumor endoprostheses for limb salvage surgery in Chinese paediatric patients with lower extremity bone sarcoma
17:00 FS5.11 William Aston (United Kingdom): Lower limb reconstruction of the growing child with the Juvenile Tumour System
17:03 FS5.12 Reynaldo Jesus-Garcia (Brazil): The results of njon vascularized fibular graft in the treatment of large segments in bone tumors
17:06 FS5.13 Bugra Alpan (Turkey): Which method to choose in skeletally immature patients with osteosarcoma around the knee?: Biological vs Nonbiological reconstructions
17:09   Discussion
Flash Session 6: Diagnostic imaging/Metastasis 1/Cancer and pain
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Winai Sirichativapee (Thailand) - Theresa Julia Christina Pazionis (United States)

Diagnostic imaging
16:30 FS6.1 Chang-Bae Kong (South Korea): Early response monitoring to neoadjuvant chemotherapy using FDG PET can predict the clinical outcome of extremity osteosarcoma
16:33 FS6.2 Min Wook Joo (South Korea): Quantitative SPECT/CT in enchondroma and grade I chondrosarcoma
16:36 FS6.3 Manit Gundavda (India): Long bone Tuberculosis masquerading as Tumor: Can we make a correct diagnosis on imaging?
16:39 FS6.4 Francis Lee (United States): Beyond limitations of bisphosphonates and denosumab in preventing metastatic cancer-induced bone loss and pathological fractures
16:42 FS6.5 Jonathan Forsberg (United States): External validation of PATHFx version 3.0 in patients treated surgically and non-surgically for symptomatic skeletal metastases
16:45 FS6.6 Oleg Vyrva (Ukraine): Surgical procedures for diaphyseal bone metastases
16:48 FS6.7 Sanjay Gupta (United Kingdom): A comparison of outcomes in metastatic proximal femoral fractures between an MSK-oncology centre and a non tumour-specialist university hospital
16:51 FS6.8 David Alejandro Herrera (Brazil): Multivariable analysis in pacientes with lymph node metastasis of Soft Tissue Sarcoma of limb who were treated with or without limphadenectomy: Follow up and prognostic factors
16:54 FS6.9 Jin Wang (China): Separation surgery and SBRT management for spinal metastases - SYSUCC experience
16:57 FS6.10 Anand Raja (India): Risk factors for development of bone metastasis from renal cell carcinoma
17:00 FS6.11 Meredith K. Bartelstein (United States): Survival after surgery for skeletal metastases is associated with preoperative patient-reported assessments
17:03 FS6.12 Zeping Yu (China): Surgical options and outcomes for pelvic bone metastasis
Cancer and pain
17:06 FS6.13 Suraj Hindiskere (India): Post-operative delirium in patients undergoing surgery for bone metastases
17:09   Discussion
Platform Session 7: Prosthetic reconstruction 1
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Ajay Puri (India) - Daniel Kotrych (Poland)

17:30 IL7 Introductory Lecture
Domenico Andrea Campanacci (Italy): The evolution of prostheses: from modular to custom
17:42 OP7.1 Matthew Houdek (United States): Comparison of reconstructive techniques following oncologic intraarticular resection of proximal humerus
17:48 OP7.2 Benjamin Wilke (United States): Proximal femoral allograft prosthetic composites; Do they really restore bone? A retrospective review of revision allograft prosthetic composites
17:54 OP7.3 Thomas Hilton (South Africa): Total talar replacements: A South African series
18:00 OP7.4 Santiago Lozano-Calderon (United States): Press Fit vs. Cemented femoral stems in arthroplasty for oncologic indications
18:06 OP7.5 Li Min (China): First application of three-dimensional (3D) design custom-made uncemented prosthetic stem for distal femoral cemented megaprosthesis revision
18:12 OP7.6 Pongsiri Piakong (Thailand): Aseptic loosening (Type II Failure) in Cemented distal femoral endoprosthesis and radiologic clues to long-term survivorship of the implant
18:18   Discussion
Platform Session 8: Functional results and quality of life 1
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Reynaldo Jesus Garcia (Brazil) - Christos Zambakides (Greece)

17:30 IL8 Introductory Lecture
Valerae Lewis (United States): Function and quality of life outcomes in sarcoma patients following internal hemipelvectomy without reconstruction
17:42 OP8.1 Yifei Wang (United States): Assessment of patient experiences following total en bloc sacrectomy for primary malignant sacral tumors: A qualitative study
17:48 OP8.2 Gerhard Hobusch (Austria): Modular-Replacement-Sports Survey (MoReSport) 
17:54 OP8.3 Oluwaseyi K. Idowu (United Kingdom): Functional outcome after tumour resection and total femoral replacement: A systematic review
18:00 OP8.4 Krista Goulding (United States): The Sarcoma-Specific Quality of Life Study (SARC-QoL): Identifying key domains of Health-Related Quality of Life in adult patients with extremity soft tissue sarcoma
18:06 OP8.5 Juan Pablo Zumarraga (Ecuador): Functional outcomes in patients that had the distal ulna resected due to bone tumors
18:12 OP8.6 Manish Agarwal (India): Using the neighbor: Trans-locating the ulna to reconstruct distal radius defects. Technical tweaks for better outcomes
18:18   Discussion
Round Table 1: Limb salvages in children
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Konstantinos Malizos (Greece) - Han-Soo Kim (Korea) 

Rodolfo Capanna (Italy): Biological Reconstruction in pelvis and lower extremities in children
Ajay Puri (India): Biological reconstruction of the shoulder and upper extremity in children
Vasileios Kontogeorgakos (Greece): Endoprosthetic reconstruction around the knee in children
Robert R. Turcotte (Canada): Limb salvage versus amputation in children and adolescents-When amputation is the best choice?
Opening Ceremony
Banquet Hall
  Opening Lectures
Chairperson: Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos (Greece)

Rainer I. Kotz (Austria): The History of ISOLS 
Dimitri V. Nanopoulos (Greece): The first 10-30s

Welcome Reception

Thursday | September 12, 2019

08:00-09:00 Flash Session 7:
Complications in tumor surgery / Functional results and quality of life
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: G. Ulrich Exner (Switzerland) - Gerhard Hobusch (Austria)

Complications in tumor surgery
08:00 FS7.1 Masoud Mirkazemi (Iran): Comparison of bipolar hemiarthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty. Inallograft-prosthesis composite reconstruction for proximal femur tumors
08:03 FS7.2 Chindanai Hongsaprabhas (Thailand): Does prosthetic reconstruction have better survival than biologic in limb sparing tumor surgery?
08:06 FS7.3 Alexandra Callan (United States): Thirty-day outcomes following pediatric bone and soft tissue sarcoma surgery: An analysis of the NSQIP–Pediatrics database
08:09 FS7.4 Domenico Andrea Campanacci (Italy): Fracture after radiationtherapy in soft tissue sarcomas
08:12 FS7.5 Joseph Ippolito (United States): Results of vena cava filter in preventing peri-operative pulmonary embolus in musculoskeletal tumor patients 
08:15 FS7.6 Werner Hettwer (Denmark): Occlusive wound closure prevents prolonged wound discharge in patients undergoing tumor resection and endoprosthetic reconstruction of the proximal femur - A randomized controlled trial
Functional results and quality of life
08:18 FS7.7 Sudhir Kumar Garg (India): Functional outcomes of endoprosthetic reconstruction after resection of primary bone tumours around knee
08:21 FS7.8 Weifeng Liu (China): What are the results of limb salvage surgery for primary bone sarcoma of the forearm?
08:24 FS7.9 Andrea Angelini (Italy): Treatment of limb-lenght discrepancy and deformities related to Ollier’s disease: a systematic review of literature
08:27 FS7.10 Gilber Kask (Finland): How is functional outcome measured in lower extremity soft tissue sarcoma patients? A systematic literature review
08:30 FS7.11 Krista Goulding (United States): The Sarcoma-Specific Quality of Life Study (SARC-QoL): Psychological functioning and coping styles in adult extremity soft tissue sarcoma
08:33 FS7.12 Samuel Akhnoukh (United States): Patient-reported SF-36 scores improve accuracy of the surgeon’s estimate of survival for patients operated on for metastatic bone disease
08:36 FS7.13 Piya Kiatisevi (Thailand): Functional outcomes, quality of life and complications of Pasteurized Autograft Prosthetic Composite (PAPC) compared to endoprosthesis for reconstruction around the knee
08:39 FS7.14 Vivek Ajit Singh (Malaysia): Patellar positioning post EPR around the knee and its effect on function
08:00-09:00 Flash Session 8: Molecular-targeted therapy | Various N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Brittany Siontis (United States) – B Hudson Berrey (United States)

Molecular-targeted therapy
08:00 FS8.1 Pramod Chinder (India): GCT and Denosumab – The story continues…
08:03 FS8.2 Jay S. Wunder (Canada): Osteosarcoma and soft-tissue sarcomas with an immune infiltrate express PD-L1, a potential target for immunotherapy
08:06 FS8.3 Lu Xie (China): Anorexia, hypertension, pneumothorax, and hypothyroidism: Potential biomarkers of improved clinical outcome following apatinib in advanced osteosarcoma
08:09 FS8.4 Vivek Ajit Singh (Malaysia): The effect of intra-operative text messages in reducing anxiety levels among family members of patients undergoing major musculoskeletal tumour surgery
08:12 FS8.5 Akiyoshi Shimatani (Japan): An investigation of multiple primary cancers in patients with bone and soft tissue malignancies
08:15 FS8.6 Akiyoshi Shimatani (Japan): An investigation on temperature of soft tissue tumor
08:18 FS8.7 Jean-camille Mattei (France): Bone metastases in sarcoma: is there any place for curative surgery?
08:21 FS8.8 Thomas Aloysius KW Wong (Singapore): Rotationplasties in adults: Indications, outcomes, pearls and pitfalls
08:24 FS8.9 Roshan Banjara (India): Functional outcome of reconstruction with nail-cement spacer for malignant and aggressive tumors of proximal humerus
08:27 FS8.10 Benjamin Miller (United States): Update on the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Musculoskeletal Tumor Registry
08:30 FS8.11 John Healey (United States): Overcoming the challenges encountered in a randomized surgical trial.  Lessons from a randomized trial to treat pathologic pertrochanteric fractures
08:33 FS8.12 Abdulrahman Alaseem (Canada): Practice and perceptions of orthopaedic oncologists toward Denosumab therapy for giant cell tumor of the bone: Cross-sectional survey
08:36 FS8.13 Ahmed Abdelaal (Egypt): Skeletal involvement in children with langerhans cell histiocytosis. Healing, complication and functional outcome
09:00-10:00 Crossfire Session 1: Primary Prosthetic Reconstruction: Coated vs Non-Coated
Banquet Hall 

Moderator: William Aston (United Kingdom)

Jendrik Hardes (Germany): Coated implants  vs  Lee M. Jeys (United Kingdom): Non-Coated implants
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break - e-Posters viewing
10:30-11:30 Platform Session 9: Benign tumors Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Ying-Lee Albert Lam (Hong Kong) – Andreas Mavrogenis (Greece)

10:30 IL9 Introductory Lecture
Martin Thaler (Austria): Revision vs Amputation of megaendoprotheses after sarcoma resection
10:42 OP9.1 Yuan Li (China): Ostectomy followed by dynamic hip screw (DHS) with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) augmentation for shepherd’s crook deformity in fibrous dysplasia: The outcome of 39 patients with long-term follow-up
10:48 OP9.2 Akihiko Takeuchi (Japan): Factor analysis associated with local recurrence and limb function of 105 patients with diffuse-type tenosynovial giant cell tumor: A multinational study of an Asian population
10:54 OP9.3 Hisaki Aiba (Japan): Endoscopic curettage for benign bone tumors
11:00 OP9.4 Michele Boffano (Italy): Can an artificial bone graft give support without osteosynthesis? A preliminary study on mechanical realiability and bone regeneration
11:06 OP9.5 Giovanni Ciani (Italy): Curettage for giant cell tumor of bone is suited to a practice of surgery for early-career orthopaedic oncologists
11:12 OP9.6 O. Savvidou (Greece): Giant cell tumor of the distal ulna 
11:18   Discussion
10:30-11:30 Platform Session 10: Bone sarcomas 2 N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Toshiharu Shirai (Japan) – Daniel Prince (United States)

10:30 IL10 Introductory Lecture
Ashish Gulia (India): Staging work up in chondrosarcoma: Is bone scan warranted for the metastatic workup of chondrosarcoma?
10:42 OP10.1 Anand Raja (India): Prognostic significance of vascular tumor emboli in non-metastatic osteosarcoma
10:48 OP10.2 Raimondo Piana (Italy): Chondrosarcoma of the bone over 70 years old from a single institution: Same pathology but different treatment?
10:54 OP10.3 Fan Tang (China): Myofibroblastic sarcoma of bone: Clinical outcome highlights the challenge of diagnosis and treatment
11:00 OP10.4 Sarah Bosma (Netherlands): Individual risk evaluation for local recurrence and distant metastasis in Ewing sarcoma: Α multistate model
11:06 OP10.5 Bulent Erol (Turkey): Tumor cell seeding in the biopsy tract and its clinical significance in osteosarcomas
11:12 OP10.6 Xianbiao Xie (China): Comparison of clinical features, management and outcomes of osteosarcoma located in proximal fibula and proximal tibia: A propensity score matching analysis
11:18   Discussion
10:30-13:30 ISOLS BOARD MEETING MC3.2 Hall
11:30-12:30 Platform Session 11: Complications in tumor surgery 2
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Marcio Moura (Brazil) – Giovanni Beltrami (Italy)

11:30 IL11 Introductory Lecture
Peter F.M. Choong (Australia): Complications - Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure
11:42 OP11.1 Tiao Lin (China): Managements in wound complications after wide resection of patients with sacral tumors
11:48 OP11.2 B Hudson Berrey (United States): Laser assisted Indocyanine Green (ICG) cutaneous angiography to assess flap viability following extremity sarcoma resection
11:54 OP11.3 Qiang Yang (China): Risk factors for surgical site infection in malignant musculoskeletal tumors 
12:00 OP11.4 Michelle Ghert (Canada): The Prophylactic Antibiotic Regimens in Tumor Surgery (PARITY) International Randomized Controlled Trial: Completion of enrollment and preparation for publication
12:10   Discussion
11:30-12:30 Platform Session 12: Functional results and quality of life 2 | Amputation and rehabilitation
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Patricia Bonilla Huertas (Panama) -  Brian Brigman (United States)

11:30 IL12 Introductory Lecture
Andreas Mavrogenis (Greece): Complications, function and quality of life of limb salvage and amputation for tumors
11:42 OP12.1 Vishnu Ramanujan (India): Functional results of arthroplasty vs arthrodesis reconstruction after distal radius resections
11:48 OP12.2 Ting Yuan (China): Reconstruction of proximal humeral defects after wide resection of tumors—A preliminary study of three reconstructive procedures
11:54 OP12.3 Hans Roland Dürr (Germany): Amputation for extremity sarcoma: Indications and outcomes
12:00 OP12.4 Yitian Wang (China): The functional outcomes and complications after en bloc excision for giant cell tumor of the distal radius: Comparison of osteoarticular allograft and three-dimensional-printed prosthesis
12:06 OP12.5 William Lu (Australia): Single-stage osseointegrated reconstruction and rehabilitation of lower limb amputees
12:12   Discussion
Luncheon Seminar
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Banquet Hall
Presidential Lecture 2
Banquet Hall

Chairperson:  Francis Hornicek (United States)

Pietro Ruggieri (Italy): Education and mentorship in musculoskeletal oncology
Lecture 1
Banquet Hall

Chairperson: George Douglas Letson (United States)

Bradley Erickson
(United States): Artificial intelligence in Medical Imaging
14:30-15:30 Platform Session 13: Innovative treatments Banquet Hall

Moderators:  Xiaohui Niu (China) - Luke Johnson (Australia)

14:30 IL13 Introductory Lecture
Carlos E. Cuervo Lozano (Mexico): Osteogenesis induced by a threedimensional bioimplant composed of demineralised bone matrix, collagen, hidroxiapatite and bone marrow derived cells in massive bone defects tissue and cell
14:42 OP13.1 Lee Zuckerman (United States): Immediate, all internal distraction osteogenesis and bone transport after tumor resection
14:48 OP13.2 Qingyu Fan (China): Knee joint preservation surgery using microwave ablation technology
14:54 OP13.3 Manit Gundavda (India): Does extracorporeal radiation recycled autograft offer a good option for osteo-articular reconstruction in proximal ulna tumors?
15:00 OP13.4 Yitian Wang (China): The West China Hospital femur classification: A retrospective analysis of 237 patients for fibrous dysplasia of the femur
15:06 OP13.5 Solomon Dadia (Israel): Innovative platform for 3D surgical planning and execution of bone tumor resections and complex osteotomies – 140 case studies review
15:12 OP13.6  Brian Brigman (United States): Development of fluorescent assisted margin assessment for sarcoma
15:18   Discussion
14:30-15:30 Platform Session 14: Joint-sparing surgery N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Saminathan Suresh Nathan (Singapore) – Eduardo Botello (Chile)

14:30 IL14 Introductory Lecture
Apichat Asavamongkolkul (Thailand): The Advances of Limb-sparing Surgery in musculoskeletal oncology
14:42 OP14.1 Suraj Hindiskere (India): 3D printed cutting jigs for malignant bone tumour resections
14:48 OP14.2 Markus Nottrott (Germany): Intra-articular soft-tissue sarcoma of the knee — Extra-articular resection and tumor endoprosthetic reconstruction or primary amputation? A retrospective report on eight cases
14:54 OP14.3 Bart Kowalczyk (Poland): Combined massive allograft and vascularized fibula reconstructions for limb-sparing and joint preservation surgery in lower extremity bone sarcomas in children
15:00 OP14.4 Joseph Benevenia (United States): Tumor reconstruction with intercalary endoprostheses: Complication analysis
15:06 OP14.5 Lee Jeys (United Kingdom): Acetabular reconstruction using a pedestal acetabular endoprosthesis for pelvic malignancies; The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital experience
15:12 OP14.6 Costantino Errani (Italy): Current role for A1 Rotationplasty (A1R) in distal femur sarcomas
15:18   Discussion
14:30-15:30 Platform Session 15: Pelvic tumors 1 MC2 Hall

Moderators: Vivek Ajit Singh (Malaysia) – Jose Casanova (Portugal)

14:30 IL15 Introductory Lecture
Wei Guo (China): Evolution of prosthetic reconstruction in pelvis
14:42 OP15.1 Bo Wang (China): Reconstruction with a novel combined hemipelvic endoprosthesis after resection of periacetabular tumors involving the sacroiliac joint: A report of 25 consecutive cases
14:48 OP15.2 Nor Faissal Yasin (Malaysia): Pedicle screw-rod reconstruction for type 1 pelvic resection: Intermediate outcome
14:54 OP15.3 Jungo Imanishi (Japan): Modified Harrington procedure for peri-acetabular bone tumors utilizing interventional radiology and bone grafting: A case series
15:00 OP15.4 Tao Ji (China): 3D printed modular hemipelvic endoprosthetic reconstruction following periacetabular tumor resection - Preliminary results from 140 consecutive cases
15:06 OP15.5 Juha Kiiski (Finland): Clinical results and quality of life after reconstruction following sacrectomy for primary bone malignancy
15:12 OP15.6 Hairong Xu (China): “Homolateral Femur Rotation-Lengthening with Allograft Transplantation Technique” as a biological reconstruction option for huge defects after pelvic tumor resection: Long-term outcomes of 9 consecutive cases
15:18   Discussion
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break - e-Posters viewing
17:00-18:00 Platform Session 16: Limb salvage in children Banquet Hall

Moderators: Rodolfo Capanna (Italy) – Andrzej Szafranski (Poland)

17:00 IL16 Introductory Lecture
Harzem Özger (Turkey): Complications of limb salvage surgery in children
17:12 OP16.1 Giovanni Beltrami (Italy): Vascularized fibula graft after bone tumor resection in pediatric age: Old or new technique?
17:18 OP16.2 Tao Ji (China): Limb salvage using non-hinged endoprosthesis and staged distraction osteogenesis for children with distal femoral malignant tumors
17:24 OP16.3 Amirhossein Misaghi (United States): Allograft reconstruction alone has an increased rate of amputation and worse functional outcome when compared with vascularized fibular reconstruction in tibial reconstruction in pediatric patients
17:30 OP16.4 Masood Umer (Pakistan): Internal hemipelvectomy in pediatric patients, a tertiary care hospital experience
17:36 OP16.5 Lee Jeys (United Kingdom): Proximal femoral endoprosthetic replacements in the skeletally immature
17:42   Discussion
17:00-18:00 Platform Session 17: Metastasis 1 N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Keith Hosking (South Africa)  - Huseyin Yusuf Yildiz (Turkey)

17:00 IL17 Introductory Lecture
Francis Lee (United States): Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Ablation-Osteoplasty-Reinforcement-Internal Fixation (AORIF) for osteolytic metastatic lesions: Rationale and technical considerations for a new paradigm
17:12 OP17.1 Michala Skovlund Sørensen (Denmark): Plasma YKL-40 and IL-6 are prognostic for survival after surgery for metastatic bone disease of the extremities
17:18 OP17.2 Alysia Kemp (United States): Acrometastasis: Is lung carcinoma still the most common primary lesion?
17:24 OP17.3 Hirotaka Yonezawa (Japan): Usefulness of CT axial imaging in the early diagnosis of femoral metastatic bone tumors
17:30 OP17.4 Aayush Aryal (India): Comparative study between Tc99M skeletal scintigraphy, PET/CT scan and whole body MRI for detecting skeletal metastasis in patients with osteosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma
17:36 OP17.5 Joshua Johnson (United States): Comparison of porous tantalum acetabular implants versus harrington reconstruction for metastatic disease of the acetabulum
17:42 OP17.6 Ukei Anazawa (Japan): Minimally invasive transpedicular intra-lesional tumor resection for the management of metastatic lumber spinal tumor
17:48 OP17.7 Jonathan Forsberg (United States): An analysis of the International Bone Metastasis Registry Data
17:54   Discussion
17:00-18:00 Platform Session 18: Various MC2 Hall

Moderators: Jun Nishida (Japan) – Claudia Di Bella (Australia)

17:00 IL18 Introductory Lecture
Luis Aponte-Tinao (Argentina): Computer-assisted surgery in orthopaedic oncology.  Indications, problems and results in 210 patients 
17:12 OP18.1 Vivek Ajit Singh (Malaysia): Effective nutritional status screening in orthopaedic oncology patients and postoperative complications
17:18 OP18.2 Krista Goulding (Canada): Investigating the risk of malignant transformation of benign giant cell tumor of bone in patients treated with and without Denosumab therapy
17:24 OP18.3 Daniel Kotrych (Poland): Biomechanical aspects of anatomical pelvic reconstructions by means of 3D printing technology on the basis of 30 sarcoma patients with 5 year follow up— is ”fast track” possible?
17:30 OP18.4 Daniel Kotrych (Poland): Oncological implants and periprosthetic bone loss - can we successfully cope with the problem?
17:36 OP18.5 Abdulrahman Alaseem (Canada): Occupational injuries among orthopaedic oncology surgeons
17:42 OP18.6 Woo Young Jang (South Korea): Safety of a restrictive allogeneic blood transfusion strategy in patients with extremity sarcomas
17:48   Discussion
18:00-190:00 Crossfire Session 2: Cemented vs Uncemented Megaprosthesis Banquet Hall 

Moderator: Toshifumi Ozaki (Japan)

Nicola Fabbri (United States): Cemented Megaprosthesis
Francis Hornicek
(United States): Uncemented Megaprosthesis

Friday | September 13, 2019

08:00-09:00 Flash Session 9: Disasters in limb salvage / Pelvic tumors
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Andrea Angelini (Italy) – Ka Lok Mak (Hong Kong)

Disasters in limb salvage
08:00 FS9.1 Daniel Eduardo Prince (United States): Safety of distraction osteogenesis in osseous neoplasms: A review of 38 patients undergoing distraction osteogenesis for reconstruction of large osseous neoplastic defects
08:03 FS9.2 Manish Agarwal (India): Fighting megaprosthetic infections: What are the chances of winning?
Pelvic tumors
08:06 FS9.3 Bulent Erol (Turkey): LUMIC endoprosthetic reconstruction after periacetabular tumor resection: Mid-term results
08:09 FS9.4 Yi Luo (China): Short-term outcome of hemipelvic reconstruction for periacetabular tumor: comparison of three-dimensional (3D) printed prosthesis and modular prosthesis
08:12 FS9.5 Juha Kiiski (Finland): Soft tissue reconstruction after pelvic amputation: The efficacy and reliability of free fillet flap reconstruction
08:15 FS9.6 Koichiro Ihara (Japan): Restoration of hip joint using vascularized and recycled hybrid bone graft after resection of acetabular bone tumor
08:18 FS9.7 Matthew Houdek (United States): Can the ACS-NSQIP surgical risk calculator predict post-operative complications in patients undergoing sacral tumor resection?
08:21 FS9.8 Jie Zang (China): Are there any differences between primary and secondary chondrosarcoma of the pelvis in terms of clinical characteristics and oncologic outcome?
08:24 FS9.9 Haijie Liang (China): Radiological classification and predisposing factors of venous tumor thrombus in pelvic osteosarcoma: A mono-institutional retrospective study of 123 treatment-naïve cases
08:27 FS9.10 Joseph Benevenia (United States): Periacetabular resection at a single institution: Do outcomes differ by method of reconstruction?
08:30 FS9.11 Tomohiro Fujiwara (United States): What factors determine the success of limb-salvage surgery in patients with pelvic sarcomas involving the acetabulum?
08:33 FS9.12 Stefano Bastoni (Italy): Lumic endoprosthetic reconstruction for periacetabular defect after surgery for bone tumour
08:36 FS9.13 Abdul Majeed (India): Leaving half the acetabulum in pelvic resections improves hip function - Is there a need to revise pelvic resections?
08:39 FS9.14 Nicola Fabbri (United States): Computed tomography-assisted navigation for resection of iliosacral bone sarcomas: What is the evidence?
08:42 FS9.15 Evgeny Sushentsov (Russian Federation): Surgical treatment of pelvic bone tumors using 3D-printed implants. Experience of single institution
08:00-09:00 Flash Session 10: Prosthetic reconstruction 1
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Andreas Leithner (Austria) – Francisco Linares (Colombia)

08:00 FS10.1 Yidan Zhang (China): Reconstruction of large segemental bone defect with 3D-printed custom-made tumor prosthesis
08:03 FS10.2 Adam Tagliero (United States): Use of a proximal humeral cap prosthesis for shoulder reconstruction following a tikhoff-linberg resection
08:06 FS10.3 Zhaoming Ye (China): Functional outcomes of the reconstruction of the proximal humerus by reverse shoulder arthroplasty after tumour resection
08:09 FS10.4 Keith Hosking (South Africa): Modular distal tibial endoprosthetic replacement in reconstruction of the distal tibia in bone tumours – The Cape Town experience
08:12 FS10.5 Scott Sommerville (Australia): Constrained versus unconstrained shoulder arthroplasty in humeral resections reconstructed with megaprostheses
08:15 FS10.6 Neil Campbell (South Africa): Additive manufacturing in limb salvage: An engineering perspective
08:18 FS10.7 John Healey (United States): Custom stem-sideplate preserves at-risk hip joint during endoprosthetic reconstruction of the femur
08:21 FS10.8 Oluwaseyi K. Idowu (United Kingdom): Functional outcome after tumour resection and total humeral replacement: A systematic review
08:24 FS10.9 Kevin Staats (Austria): Long-term survival analysis of cemented vs. cementless distal femur replacement reveals different outcomes between oncological and non-oncological patients
08:27 FS10.10 Benjamin Davies (United Kingdom): Hydroxyapatite coated collars on cemented massive endoprosthesis show poor osteointegration when used in revision surgery
08:30 FS10.11 Richard Boyle (Australia): Using pre-operative planning technology for custom pelvic implants
08:33 FS10.12 Gwen Sys (Belgium): Can the CPS fixation system avoid aseptic loosening of reconstruction prostheses?
08:36 FS10.13 Prashant Narhari (Malaysia): Proximal femur endoprosthesis as salvage in elderly with failed hip fracture surgery
08:39 FS10.14 Mustafa Onur Karaca (Turkey): Two stage revision for prosthesis infection in patients with bone tumor treated with megaprosthesis
08:42 FS10.15 João Freitas (Portugal): Total reconstruction of the patellar tendon using Trevira® tube
08:45 FS10.16 Mehmet Ayvaz (Turkey): Constrained reverse shoulder arthroplasty for the treatment of proximal humerus tumors
09:00-10:00 Crossfire Session 3: Spinopelvic Tumors: Limb Salvage vs Amputation Banquet Hall 

Moderator: Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos (Greece)

Wei Guo (China): Limb Salvage  vs  Peter Rose (United States): Amputation
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break - e-Posters viewing
10:30-11:30 Platform Session 19: Metastasis 2 Banquet Hall

Moderators: Costantino Errani (Italy) –  Olga Savvidou (Greece)

10:30 IL19 Introductory Lecture
Amir Sternheim (Israel): When do patients with bone metastases actually break their femur? A CT-based finite element analysis of patients who fractured
10:42 OP19.1 Jonathan Forsberg (United States): What have we learned from the PATHFx validation studies?  An analysis of 2,559 patients with metastatic bone disease
10:48 OP19.2 Pietro Ruggieri (Italy): Current approach in metastatic disease: Indications and results in 89 cases
10:54 OP19.3 Lee Jeys (United Kingdom): Which indeterminate pulmonary nodules represent lung metastases in primary bone sarcoma?
11:00 OP19.4 Zeping Yu (China): Surgical management of metastatic lesions of the proximal femur with pathological fractures using intramedullary nailing or endoprosthetic replacement
11:06 OP19.5 Raimondo Piana (Italy): Photodynamic bone stabilization system for metastatic lesions of the upper limb: Palliative surgery or adjuvant treatment?
11:12 OP19.6 Johnathan Forsberg (United States): Validation of the open-source PATHFx v2.0 tool for survival estimation of patients with skeletal metastases using two external patient populations
11:18 OP19.7 Joseph Ippolito (United States): Treatment of metastatic disease at the appendicular skeleton: Does surgical decision making impact long-term survival or complication rates?
11:24   Discussion
10:30-11:30 Platform Session 20: Pelvic tumors 2 N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Davide Maria Donati (Italy) – Marko Bergovec (Austria)

10:30 IL20 Introductory Lecture
Mary O’Connor (United States): Pelvic resection and reconstruction: Achievements and challenges
10:42 OP20.1 Joseph Ippolito (United States): Reconstruction methods following pelvic resection: Meta-analysis 
10:48 OP20.2 Peter Rose (United States): Outcomes of sacral tumor resection based on the Mayo Clinic Classification System
10:54 OP20.3 Rui Yang (United States): A novel tripod percutaneous reconstruction technique in peri-acetabulum lesion caused by metastatic cancer
11:00 OP20.4 Oleg Vyrva (Ukraine): Single institution review of concept strategy for pelvic resections in tumor patients
11:06 OP20.5 Gilber Kask (Finland): Clinical and functional results of Harrington’s procedure on the management of periacetabular malignant lesions, in 89 patients 
11:12 OP20.6 David Biau (France): Extra-articular resection of the hip for bone tumors: a retrospective study of 33 patients with comparison between pelvis and proximal femoral tumors
11:18   Discussion
11:30-12:30 Platform Session 21: Soft-tissue sarcomas 1 Banquet Hall

Moderators: Mark Scarborough (United States) – Robert Nakayama (Japan)

11:30 IL21 Introductory Lecture
Philipp Theodor Funovics (Austria): Soft Tissue Sarcoma: update on diagnosis and treatment
11:42 OP21.1 Hans Roland Dürr (Germany): Leiomyosarcomas of the musculoskeletal system. Therapy and prognosis
11:48 OP21.2 Yongzhong Wei (China): Evaluation of prognostic factors for liposarcoma
11:54 OP21.3 Anna Maria Smolle (Austria): Individualising soft tissue sarcoma aftercare with flexible parametric survival modelling
12:00 OP21.4 Elizabeth Wellings (United States): Leiomyosarcomas:  Recurrence rates based on tumor depth and treatment modality
12:06 OP21.5 Yasuo Yazawa (Japan): Axial soft tissue sarcoma– Current clinical status in a single institution
12:12 OP21.6 Fábio Elói Pinto (Brazil): Evaluation of mutations in codons 41 and 45 of the beta-catenin encoding gene in patients with sporadic desmoid tumors and their association with prognosis
12:18   Discussion
11:30-12:30 Platform Session 22: Diagnostic imaging N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Achilleas Chatziioannou (Greece) – Doris Wenger (United States)

11:30 IL22 Introductory Lecture
Sofia Chatziioannou (Greece): The role of PET scan for diagnosis and evaluation of treatment
11:42 OP22.1 Tadashi Iwai (Japan): Diagnostic value of tumor-fascia relationship in superficial soft tissue masses on magnetic resonance imaging
11:48 OP22.2 Hiroshi Koike (Japan): The importance of apparent diffusion coefficient map for differentiation of benign from malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors
11:54 OP22.3 Imkyeong Jo (Australia): The value of Thallium-201 scintigraphy and Tc-99m pentavalent dimercaptosuccinic acid in diagnosing and grading chondrosarcoma
12:00 OP22.4 Suraj Hindiskere (India): Combined role of diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and 18F-FDG PET/CT in predicting histologic response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in osteosarcoma
12:06 OP22.5 Lukas Nystrom (United States): The diagnostic performance of PET/CT in patients with skeletal metastases of unknown primary
12:12 OP22.6 Sarah Bosma (Netherlands): 18F-FDG PET-CT versus MRI for detection of skeletal metastasis in Ewing sarcoma
12:18 OP22.7 Reynaldo Jesus-Garcia (Brazil): The role of PET-CT in the differential diagnosis of intraosseous cartilaginous tumors
12:24 OP22.8 Srinath Doddarangappa (India): F 18 - FDG PET CT in evaluation of response and recurrence in osseous GCT - Our experience in 90 cases
Luncheon Symposium
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Banquet Hall
14:00-15:00 Platform Session 23: Recycled bone graft / Local tumor ablation Banquet Hall

Moderators: Oleg Vyrva (Ukraine) – Norio Yamamoto (Japan)

14:00 IL23 Introductory Lecture
Hiroyuki Tsuchiya (Japan): The history of recycled bone graft
14:12 OP23.1 Praveen Gupta (India): Recycled bone with ECRT, an effective alternate for limb salvage
14:18 OP23.2 Pokuei Wu (Taiwan): Comparative proteomic profiling and identification of significant markers from high-grade osteosarcoma after cryoablation and irradiation
14:24 OP23.3 Norathip Noppharit (Thailand): Gait analysis after limb salvage procedures using recycling autograft versus endoprosthesis
14:30 OP23.4 Diego Sanches (Brazil): Outcomes of bone tumors treated with recycling bone liquid nitrogen around the knee – 12 years follow-up
14:36 OP23.5 Hung-Kai Weng (Taiwan): Adjuvant local tumor ablation with freezing nitrogen ethanol composite: A short-term follow-up
14:42 OP23.6 Gwen Sys (Belgium): Does gap size affect the healing rate and healing time in limb salvage using intercalary recycled autografts?
14:48 OP23.7 Abraham Saad (Philippines): The use of recycling autograft in the operative treatment of malignant primary bone tumors:  A systematic review of outcomes and complications
14:54   Discussion
14:00-15:00 Platform Session 24: Microsurgical reconstruction N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Ekaterini Vlastou (Greece) – Santiago Lozano-Calderon (United States)

14:00 IL24 Introductory Lecture
Spyros Stavrianos (Greece): Tissue transfer for sarcomas resection 
14:12 OP24.1 Charalambos (Babis) Rammos (United States): The keystone multiperforator flap concept and its application to soft tissue reconstruction of the upper and lower extremity after melanoma and sarcoma resection
14:18 OP24.2 Jean-camille Mattei (France): Outcomes of vascular reconstructions following sarcoma excision
14:24 OP24.3 Keiichi Muramatsu (Japan): Functional reconstruction of the extremity with transfer of neuro-vascularized muscle following sarcoma resection
14:30 OP24.4 Eldon Mah (Australia): Choice of recipient vessels in free flap reconstruction of irradiated lower limb sarcoma defects
14:36 OP24.5 David Biau (France): The vastus lateralis flap to cover soft-tissue defects after resection of the proximal femur
14:42  OP24.6 Thekla Antoniadou (Greece): Unplanned excisions of soft tissue sarcomas and flap reconstruction
14:48   Discussion
15:00-16:00 Flash Session 11: Innovative treatments / Pathology
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Yasuo Yazawa (Japan) – Robert Randall (United States)

Innovative treatments
15:00 FS11.1 Pauline Del Rosario (Philippines): Transarticular solid nailing with centralization of the fibula following distal leg sarcoma resection - The SIGN reconstruction technique
15:03 FS11.2 Andrzej Szafranski (Poland): Limb salvage treatment in a child with Ewing's sarcoma of the left humerus - True or scientific fiction
15:06 FS11.3 Giovanni Beltrami (Italy): Custom made 3D printed implants in orthopedic oncology: Problem solving or new problem?
15:09 FS11.4 Pramod S. Chinder (India): Novel surgical technique - Vascularized epiphyseal proximal fibular transfer in a 2year old with Ewings sarcoma of proximal tibia
15:12 FS11.5 Hairong Xu (China): Humerus-Radis arthroplasty for reconstruction of bone defect after proximal ulnar tumor resection: A novel limb-salvage surgical technique
15:15 FS11.6 Sherly Desnita Savio (Indonesia): Efficacy of minimally invasive surgery on giant cell tumor of the bone: A systematic review
15:18 FS11.7 Susan Bukata (United States): Serial aspirations & intra-articular antibiotic injections in chronic oncologic and non-oncologic PJI: Introducing the concept of biofilm training
15:21 FS11.8 Frank Traub (Germany): Interim report of a minimal invasive intramedullary stabilization system for metastatic humerus lesions
15:24 FS11.9 Junqiang Yin (China): Sandwich isolation surgery prevents local recurrence in progressive desmoid tumors: A pilot observational study
15:27 FS11.10 Walid Ebeid (Egypt): The use of the Wagner technique for prophylactic fixation of the proximal femur in children with large cysts in the femoral neck
15:30 FS11.11 Jia Kang Shen (China): Non-arthrodesis reconstruction for distal tibial osteosarcoma
15:33 FS11.12 Edgard E Engel (Brazil): Characterisation of a PMMA based porous bone cement
15:36 FS11.13 Philip Sanders (Netherlands): Early results of the European Carbon-PEEK Implant Registry
15:39 FS11.14 Umesh Yadav (India): Histopathological transformation after zolendrate in giant cell tumors - A comparative study
15:42 FS11.15 Anand Raja (India): Extremity solitary fibrous tumor:  Clinicopathologic, immunohistochemical and molecular analysis
15:00-16:00 Flash Session 12: Recycled bone graft - Local tumor ablation | Soft-tissue reconstruction | Surgical margin - CTx evaluation
N. Skalkotas Hall 

Moderators: Joseph Benevenia (United States) – Jay S. Wunder (Canada)

Recycled bone graft / Local tumor ablation
15:00 FS12.1 Akihiko Takeuchi (Japan): Mid- to long-term clinical outcome of tumor-devitalized frozen autografts for segmental defect of long bones after tumor excision
15:03 FS12.2 Pokuei Wu (Taiwan): Pedicle Freezing by “Freezing Tank” for biological reconstruction of limb sarcoma
15:06 FS12.3 Pokuei Wu (Taiwan): Intraoperative extracorporeal irradiation and frozen treatment on tumor-bearing autografts show equivalent outcomes for biologic reconstruction
15:09 FS12.4 Srimanth Bindiganavile (India): Biological reconstrcution by extracorporeal irradiation and reimplantation after scapulectomy for Ewing's Sarcoma: Report of 2 cases
Soft-tissue reconstruction
15:12 FS12.5 Yu-Min Lin (Taiwan): Planned soft tissue reconstruction after bone and soft tissue sarcoma surgery decreased the postoperative complications
15:15 FS12.6 Meagan Tibbo (United States): Outcomes of soft tissue reconstruction after intraoperative radiotherapy for the treatment of extremity soft tissue sarcomas
15:18 FS12.7 Lukas Nystrom (United States): Immediate versus staged soft tissue reconstruction after soft tissue sarcoma resections have similar wound and oncologic outcomes
15:21 FS12.8 Chandra Kumar Krishnan (India): Use of micro vascular free flaps for reconstruction of defects following extremity sarcoma excision: A series of 27 cases
15:24 FS12.9 Eldon Mah (Australia): Free flap functional reconstruction post posterior thigh compartmentectomy
Surgical margin / CTx evaluation
15:27 FS12.10 Yoshihiro Nishida (Japan): Function preserving, R1 surgery for selected patients with desmoid-type fibromatosis
15:30 FS12.11 Jagandeep Virk (India): Primary fibular sarcomas: Do they behave differently?
15:33 FS12.12 Srinath Gupta (India): Are intra-articular resections for proximal femur sarcomas with intra-articular disease safe?
15:36 FS12.13 Hong Duan (China): Improved virtual surgical planning with 3D-multimodality image for malignant giant pelvic tumors
15:39   Discussion
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break - e-Posters viewing
16:30-17:30 Crossfire Session 4: Low Grade CS: Curettage or Wide resection? Banquet Hall 

Moderator: Adesegun Abudu (United Kingdom)

Dundar Sabah (Turkey): Wide resection  vs  Saminathan Suresh Nathan (Singapore): Curettage
17:30-18:30 Special Session 1: ISOLS & I
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Mary O’Connor (United States) – Hiroyuki Tsuchiya (Japan) - Peter Choong (Australia)

Franklin H. Sim (United States): Lessons learned in musculoskeletal oncology over five decades: Ten pearls!
Atsumasa Uchida (Japan): Current advance in Japanese orthopedic oncology
Ian Dickinson (Australia): What ISOLS means to me
18:30-18:45 Special Session 2: ISOLS FELLOWS
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos (Greece) – Pietro Ruggieri (Italy)

Giulia Trovarelli (Italy): ISOLS fellowship 2016-2017: visit to MOFFITT Cancer Center and visit to UCLA Orthopaedic Center
Min Wook Joo (Korea): Beyond
Katsuhiro Hayashi (Japan): ISOLS Trainee Fellowships 2018-2019 in Athens, Padova and Vienna
ISOLS Dinner

Saturday | September 14, 2019

08:00-09:00 Flash Session 13: Amputation and rehabilitation / Prosthetic reconstruction 2
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Örjan Berlin (Sweden) - Vasillios Sakellariou (Greece)

Amputation and rehabilitation
08:00 FS13.1 Jonathan Forsberg (United States): Early outcomes of osseointegrated implants in transhumeral and transfemoral amputations
08:03 FS13.2 Andreas Leithner (Austria): Sarcomas at the ankle region: amputation vs. limb salvage
08:06 FS13.3 Juan Pablo Zumarraga (Ecuador): Use of prostheses in lower limb amputees due to tumor influences their survival rate?
08:09 FS13.4 Tom Scharschmidt (United States): Targeted Muscle Reinnervation: A strategy to prevent neuroma and phantom limb pain in oncologic amputees
08:12 FS13.5 Christian Gray Stephens (United Kingdom): Hindquarter amputation: A necessary operation for pelvic tumours with associated morbidity and mortality
08:15 FS13.6 B Hudson Berrey (United States): Patella femoral arthrodesis amputation - The patella turn-down-plasty
08:18 FS13.7 William Lu (Australia): Osseointegration for amputations: Current implants, techniques, and future developments
08:21 FS13.8 William Lu (Australia): Safety of osseointegrated implants for transtibial amputees: A two-center prospective proof-of-concept study
Prosthetic reconstruction 2
08:24 FS13.09 Minxun Lu (China): Mechanical analysis of curved uncemented femoral stems after distal femoral reconstruction: A finite element study
08:27 FS13.10 Mehmet Ayvaz (Turkey): Preliminary results of a new intercalary modular endoprosthesis for the management of diaphyseal bone tumors
08:30 FS13.11 André Olivier (South Africa): Short to medium results of custom 3d printed pelvic implants
08:33 FS13.12 Lee Jeys (United Kingdom): Short term benefits of passively eluting Agluna silver are not proven in the medium term for preventing infection in EPRs
08:00-09:00 Flash Session 14: Soft-tissue sarcomas
N. Skalkotas Hall 

Moderators: Ian Dickinson (Australia) – Anna Kulidjian (United States)

08:00 FS14.1 Hans Roland Dürr (Germany): Extremity sarcoma resections: How far is far enough?
08:03 FS14.2 Ana C. Belzarena (United States): Sarcoma unplanned excisions: A root cause analysis
08:06 FS14.3 Annelies Van Beeck (Belgium): Clinical outcome of surgical treated leiomyosarcoma in the lower limbs: A retrospective BeNe study
08:09 FS14.4 Do Weon Lee (South Korea): Actual long-term survival after resection of AJCC stage III extremity soft tissue sarcoma
08:12 FS14.5 Alexandra Brown (Australia): Soft tissue sarcomas treated with pre-operative radiation and surgical resection: Better surgical margins can be obtained if resection is followed by flap reconstruction
08:15 FS14.6 Eiji Nakata (Japan): Treatment results of localized dedifferentiated liposarcoma in the extremities
08:18 FS14.7 Akihiko Takeuchi (Japan): Intraoperative ultrasonography-guided surgery for impalpable and ill-defined malignant soft tissue tumor
08:21 FS14.8 Francisco Baixauli (Spain): Surgical resection of massive liposarcomas at the extremities: A 15-year experience in a single referral musculoskeletal sarcoma unit
08:24 FS14.9 Xing Cheng Daniel Yin (Singapore): Soft Tissue Sarcomas. Do we need radiotherapy? A retrospective review
08:27 FS14.10 Srila Samphao (Thailand): Extremity soft tissue sarcomas: Survival outcomes and clinical characteristics
08:30 FS14.11 Yusuke Shinoda (Japan): Prognostic factors and treatment strategy for metastatic myxoid liposarcoma
08:33 FS14.12 Federico Sacchetti (Turkey): Synovial sarcoma: Experience from Florence and Izmir Sarcoma Centers
08:36 FS14.13 Ibrahim Alshaygy (Canada): Outcome after surgical treatment of Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP): Does it requires all this follow up? How much resection margin is enough?
08:39 FS14.14 Bruna Buscharino (Brazil): Soft Tissue Sarcomas:  Experience from 2006 to 2016
08:42 FS14.15 Jay S. Wunder (Canada): Lymph node metastasis from extremity soft tissue sarcomas
08:45 FS14.16 Michael Parry (United Kingdom): Low grade fibromyxoid sarcoma: Demographics, prognosis and behavioural patterns
08:48 FS14.17 Michael Parry (United Kingdom): Extra skeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma: Demographics, prognosis and behavioural patterns
Maximum participation: 60 persons • Workshop Fee: 100 Euro
MC2 Hall 

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09:00-10:00 Crossfire Session 5: Diaphyseal resections: Endoprosthessis or Allograft? Banquet Hall 

Moderator: Domenico Andrea Campanacci (Italy)

Luis Aponte-Tinao (Argentina): Allograft   vs  Daniel Kotrych (Poland): Endoprosthessis
10:00-11:00 Platform Session 25: Prosthetic reconstruction 2 Banquet Hall

Moderators:  Arne Streitbürger (Germany) – Justin Bird (United States)

10:00 IL25 Introductory Lecture
Davide Maria Donati (Italy): 3D printing 4.0 in Orthopaedic Oncology
10:12 OP25.1 Richard Boyle (Netherlands): The use of custom-made 3D printed titanium implants for pelvic reconstruction after tumour resection; A case series of 15 patients
10:18 OP25.2 Chongqi Tu (China): Three-dimensional printed customized endoprosthesis for periacetabular malignancies: short term outcome
10:24 OP25.3 Solomon Dadia (Israel): 3D Printed Semi-biological cage reconstruction for segmental bone defect after tumor resection shows promising results – 3 years follow-up
10:30 OP25.4 Christos Vottis(Greece):Functional outcomes and complications of prosthetic reconstruction of the proximal humerus after tumor resection
10:36   Discussion
10:00-11:00 Platform Session 26: Soft-tissue sarcomas 2 N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators:  Eduardo Sabao Yonamine (Brazil) – Bruna Buscharino (Brazil)

10:00 IL26 Introductory Lecture
Jay S. Wunder (Canada): Controversies in soft tissue sarcoma
10:12 OP26.1 Domenico Andrea Campanacci (Italy): Re-excision after unplanned excision of soft tissue sarcomas: Long-term results
10:18 OP26.2 Kamil Amer (United States): A dual database appraisal of liposarcoma and its subtypes
10:24 OP26.3 Daniel A. Müller (Switzerland): Prognostic factors in lipomatous tumors: Do we have to take lipoma-like tumors seriously?
10:30 OP26.4 Srinath Gupta (India): Extraskeletal Ewings Sarcoma (EES) - Oncological outcomes
10:36 OP26.5 David Joyce (United States): Higher rate of wound complications associated with sarcoma unplanned excisions
10:42 OP26.6 Andac Celasun Alsina (Turkey): Neo adjuvant theraphy effectiveness on local recurrence of soft tissue sarcomas
10:48   Discussion
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break
11:30-12:30 Symposium 2: Women in Orthopedic Oncology Banquet Hall 

Moderators:  Franklin Sim (United States) – Olga Savvidou (Greece)

Anna Kulidjian (United States): Of mice and men
Valerae Lewis (United States): Mentors are great, sponsors are outstanding!
Mary O’ Connor (United States): Are women better surgeons: Pride and prejudice revisited
Seth Leopold (United States): The #MeToo movement and mentorship of women in in Orthopaedic Surgery
Round Table 2: Giant Cell Tumor of the Bone
Banquet Hall

Moderators: Nicola Fabbri (United States) - Harzem Özger (Turkey)

Adesegun Abudu (United Kingdom): Current indications for denosumab in Giant Cell Tumors
Carrie Inwards & Doris Wenger (United States): Histology and imaging of Giant Cell Tumors
Costantino Errani (Italy): New problems with denosumab in Giant Cell Tumor treatment
Round Table 3: Interventional Orthopedic Oncology  
N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Bennie Gerhard Petris Lindeque (United States) - Roberto Vélez (Spain)

Alexis Kelekis (Greece): Minimally invasive techniques in orthopedic Oncology
Mary Jesse (United States): RF ablation for musculoskeletal tumors
Elias Brountzos (Greece): Selective angiography and embolization for bone tumor
13:30-14:30 Platform Session 27: Prosthetic reconstruction 3 Banquet Hall

Moderators:  Peter Steadman (Australia) – Hirotaka Kawano (Japan)

13:30 IL27 Introductory Lecture
Jesus-Garcia Reynaldo (Brazil): Are we observing a decrease in the number of Complications in Tumor Prosthesis?
13:42 OP27.1 Walid Ebeid (Egypt): Do we need to resurface the patella with endoprosthesis reconstruction? 
13:48 OP27.2 Paul Stalley (Australia): Design considerations of 3D printed custom pelvic implants
13:54 OP27.3 Ioannis Papanastassiou (Greece): Scapular prosthesis and constrained reverse shoulder arthroplasty provide superior results than Tikhoff Linberg procedure
14:00 OP27.4 Carmine Zoccali (Italy): 3D-printed titanium custom-made prostheses in reconstruction after resection of pelvic tumors: results at medium follow-up
14:06 OP27.5 João Freitas (Portugal): Limb salvage surgery in tumoral and non-tumoral prothetic complications
14:12 OP27.6 Luis Bahamonde (Chile): Distally fixed, press-fit stems instead of megaprosthesis for bone and joint reconstruction
14:18   Discussion
13:30-14:30 Platform Session 28: Spinal and sacral tumors N. Skalkotas Hall

Moderators: Franklin Sim (United States) - Toshiyuki Kunisada (Japan)

13:30 IL28 Introductory Lecture
Alessandro Luzzati (Italy): Multisegmental primary tumors of the thoracolumbar spine: 52 Patients treated with multilevel en bloc spondylectomy and reconstruction
13:42 OP28.1 Chiao Yee Lim (Malaysia): Outcome evaluation of therapeutic benefits of denosumab on sacral giant cell tumors treated with nerve-sparing surgery: A retrospective cohort study of 68 patients
13:48 OP28.2 Wei Guo (China): Reconstruction of spinopelvic stability with a 3D-printed sacral endoprosthesis after total en bloc sacrectomy
13:54 OP28.3 Xiaodong Tang (China): Preliminary results of modular vertebral prosthesis with 3D-printed end plate for anterior column reconstruction after multilevel thoracolumbar en-bloc spondylectomy
14:00 OP28.4 Haomiao Li (China): A key procedure during en bloc resection of the tumors at the mobile spine--the “Rotation-reversion” technique for the “Vertebro-sagittal resection”
14:06 OP28.5 Haomiao Li (China): Bleeding and infection: Two disturbing questions in surgical treatment of sacral tumors
14:12 OP28.6 Eduardo Sadao Yonamine (Brazil): Total sacrectomy without reconstruction
14:18 OP28.7 Solomon Dadia (Israel): 3D printing technology enhancing Insitu-Cryoablation – A unique procedure for inoperable sacral Giant Cell Tumor (GCT) – Case report
14:24   Discussion
14:30-15:30 Society Lectures
Banquet Hall 

Moderators: Amir Sternheim (Israel) - Akihiko Takeuchi (Japan)

Hiroyuki Tsuchiya (Japan): ISOLS Lecture - Biological reconstruction: Now and future
Ramses Forsyth (Belgium): EMSOS, a unique meeting pot of diverse sarcoma specialists: What's in it for you?
Robert Randall (United States): MSTS Lecture - The clinical and societal burden of metastatic carcinoma to bone
Akira Kawai (Japan): CTOS Lecture - The objective and current activities of CTOS
15:30-16:30 Special Session 3: How to Get Your Data Published
Banquet Hall 

Moderator: Panayiotis J. Papagelopoulos (Greece)

John H. Healey (United States): Why should I write it? Why should you read it?
Seth Leopold (United States): Writing for Peer Review – The “Question – driven Manuscript”
Closing Remarks