Scientific Program

Friday, May 4 2018
15:30-19:00 Registration
Clinical Tutorial I: Urodynamic Control
Moderators: A. Apostolides - E. Mitsogiannis

I. Tsimaris: Indications - Equipment
A. Oiconomou: Tips & Tricks - Prevention of complications
A. Petrolekas: Interpretation of results - Treatment
Satellite Lecture I
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 18:30-19:00 Lecture
A. Bamias: Oral presentation: PROSPER clinical trial results
 19:00-20:00 Opening Ceremony – Αddresses
Chairs: Α.Μ. Dimopoulos - Ch. Deliveliotis - C. Constantinides - H. Poulias

Opening Lectures
19:00-19:30 P. Walsh (USA): What’s new on prostate cancer at Johns Hopkins: active surveillance, PSMA scans, AR-V7
19:30-20:00 D. Radopoulos: Memories from the late Prof. Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Saturday, May 5 2018
08:00-09:30 Clinical Tutorial II: Infertility
Moderators: A. Bisas - Ch. Alamanis

E. Kontogianni: Spermodiagram - Processing testicular tissue
D. Baltogiannis: Varicocele - Testicular Biopsy: Modern techniques
K. Livadas: Urogenital infections and infertility
Semi-Live Videos I: Endourological Surgery
Chairs: E. Karagiotis - S. Gravas - A. Papatsoris

P. Kallidonis: Video 1: Optimal flexible ureteronephrolithotripsy
Ι. Katafigiotis: Video 2: Comparison of "mini" classical percutaneous nephrolithotripsy
M. Berdemes: Video 3: Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy puncture techniques
 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
 11:00-12:00 Invited Speakers’ Lectures I
Chairs: S. Stefanakis  - P. Perimenis - I. Varkarakis

P. Walsh (USA): Update on hereditary prostate cancer
P. Pinto (USA): Robotic assisted radical prostatectomy
I. Moncada (Spain): Clip-less robotic radical prostatectomy
 12:00-12:30 Satellite Lecture II
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 12:30-13:30 Satellite Symposium I
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 13:30-14:00 Lunch Break
 14:00-15:30 Semi-Live Videos II: Laparoscopic/Robotic Surgery
Chairs: K. Stravodimos - S. Giannakopoulos - G. Raptidis

B. Mygdalis: Video 4: Preservation of bladder neck and neurovascular bundles in radical prostatectomy
E. Fragkiadis: Video 5: Indications and techniques of ureteral reimplantation
P. Mourmouris: Video 6: Extrusion and suture in partial nephrectomy
 15:30-17:00 Invited Speakers’ Lectures ΙI
Chairs: D. Chatzichristou - V. Tzortzis - A. Skolarikos

F. Keeley (United Kingdom): Laparoscopic revision pyeloplasty
P. Pinto (USA): MRI-Ultrasound fused guided prostate biopsy
K. Sarica (Turkey): Miniaturization in PNL: Did it change our approaches in stone management?
C. Seitz (Austria): Medical expulsive therapy: When and how?
 17:00-17:30 Coffee Break
Satellite Symposium II
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 18:00-18:30 Satellite Lecture III
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 18:30-21:00 Hellenic Genito-Urinary Cancer Group (HGUCG) Session: MDT Meeting for Genitourinary Cancer
Moderators: M. A. Dimopoulos - A. Bamias - K. Ntoumas

M. Korkolopoulou: Molecular classification of urothelial cancer. The role of the Pathologist
P. Sountoulides: High-grade, non muscle invasive bladder cancer. One more collaborative option
V. Kouloulias: The role of radiotherapy in renal cancer
M. Liontos: Long term survival in castration resistant prostate cancer

Sunday, May 6 2018
08:30-10:00 Clinical Tutorial III: Urogynecology
Moderators: A. Karagiannis - I. Adamakis

G. Kousournas: Fistula: Prevention and treatment
S. Antoniou: Prolapse of pelvic organs: Contemporary treatment
A. Dellis: Endourological interventions in pregnancy
Invited Speakers’ Lectures III
Chairs: E. Liatsikos - M. Chrysofos - I. Anastassiou

K. Sarica (Turkey): Minimal invasive surgical management of stones in children: An update
I. Moncada (Spain): Surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction
C. Seitz (Austria): Tips and tricks in RIRS
F. Keeley (United Kingdom): Modern management of the small renal mass
 12:00-12:30 Coffee Break 
 12:30-13:00 The Teachers’ Speech
Chairs: D. Mitropoulos
A. Athanasopoulos: Urinary incontinence: Contemporary treatment
Regional Areas Lectures
Chairs: N. Sofikitis - S. Touloupidis - D. Bougas

G. Moutzouris: Prostate cancer and lifestyle changes
K. Zougkas: Laparoscopic operations in Regional areas
 14:00 End of the Meeting