Oral Presentations Catalogue

Substance use, adverse childhood events, and externalizing disorders across the life course

OP01 Spanking and adult mental health impairment: The case for the designation of spanking as an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)
Tracie Afifi, Harriet MacMillan (Canada)

OP02 Gestational age at birth and symptoms of ADHD in 5- and 8-year-old children: A population-based sibling-comparison study
Helga Ask, Kristin Gustavson, Eivind Ystrom, Karoline Havdahl Alexandra, Martin Tesli, Ragna Bugge Askeland, Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud (Norway)

OP03 Very unsuccessful attempts to quit: examining correlates from the Global Adult Tobacco
Survey Joao Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, Laura Andrade, Silvia Martins (Brazil & USA)

OP04 Linking DSM-V alcohol-use disorders with policy-relevant correlates in young adults: Implications for an evidence-informed national alcohol harm reduction policy
Lilian Ghandour, Sirine Anouti (Lebanon)

OP05 Specificity and patterns of physical conditions with mood and anxiety disorder subtypes in a nationally representative sample of US youth
Emma K. Stapp, Jian-Ping He, Kathleen R. Merikangas (USA)

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Suicidality, depression and anxiety: understanding etiology and health consequences from womb to adulthood

OP06 Individual variability in depression and anxiety symptoms and primary care consultations over time: longitudinal analysis of survey and linked administrative data from the PATH through Life project
Peter Butterworth (Australia)

General and suicide mortality among people receiving cognitive behavior therapies in a community setting
Chin-Kuo Chang, Jong-Sun Lee, Richard Hayes, Robert Stewart, Janet Wingrove, Matthew Hotopf (Taiwan, Korea Republic & United Kingdom)

Association between parental age, offspring psychopathology, and neurocognitive performance in the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort
Alison K. Merikangas, Monica E. Calkins, Warren B. Bilker, Kosha Ruparel, Tyler M. Moore, Ruben C. Gur, Raquel E. Gur (USA)

Cardiometabolic dysregulation and cognitive decline: potential role of depressive symptoms
Norbert Schmitz, Sonya Deschênes, Rachel Burns, Sofia Danna, Oscar Franco, Arfan Ikram, Mika Kivimaki, Archana Singh-Manoux, Tiemeier Henning (Canada, Netherlands & United Kingdom)

Absolute and relative risks for suicidality, violence perpetration and victimization, and premature death in a cohort of young adults discharged from inpatient psychiatric care
Florian Walter, Matthew J Carr, Pearl LH Mok, Sussie Antonsen, Carsten B Pedersen, Jenny Shaw, Roger T Webb (United Kingdom & Denmark)