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Emerging mental health challenges across the globe

The science of understanding etiology, prevention, and treatment of psychiatric disorders has always had to contend with changing prevalence, new information and technology, novel risk factors, and many other facets of our science that make studying disorders and their consequences a moving target. In the past decade, we have witnessed a changing landscape of many important outcomes across the globe, including the rise of autism diagnoses across many countries as well as suicide, overdose and other injury. Further, these changes are positioned in a political and social landscape that is ever changing, as societies face new and different challenges. The 2018 WPA meeting will present a wide range of novel information regarding psychiatric disorders including the state-of-the-science for novel studies of the biology of illness, global trends in innovative treatment, prevalence, and risk factors.

International Committee
Elie Karam, Balamand University (Lebanon)
Rubén Alvarado, Universidad de Chile (Chile)
Laura Andrade, University of Sao Paulo Medical School (Brazil)
Corina Benjet, National Institute of Psychiatry "Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz" (Mexico)
Terry Brugha, University of Leicester (UK)
Linda Cottler, University of Florida (USA)
Rebecca Fuhrer, McGill University (Canada)
Oye Gureje, University of Ibadan (Nigeria)
Norito Kawakami, The University of Tokyo, Bunkyō-ku (Japan)
Viviane Kovess Masfety, EHESP School for Public Health (France)
Kathleen Merikangas, NIMH (USA)
George Patton, University of Melbourne (Australia)
Michael Phillips, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (China)
Ted Reichborn-Kjennerud, Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Norway)
Norman Sartorius, Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes (Switzerland)
Thomas Schulze, Institute of Psychiatric Phenomics and Genomics (IPPG), Medical Center of the University of Munich (Germany)
Kate Scott, Dunedin School of Medicine - University of Otago (New Zealand)
Dan Stein, University of Cape Town (South Africa)

North American Scientific Committee
Katherine M. Keyes, Columbia University
Tracy Afifi
, University of Manitoba
Jim Anthony, Michigan State University
Evelyn Bromet, Stonybrook University
Magdalena Cerda, UC Davis
Jane Costello, Duke University
Sandro Galea, Boston University
Elie Karam, IDRAAC
Viviane Kovess Masfety, EHESP School for Public Health (France)
Silvia Martins, Columbia University
Kathleen Merikangas, NIMH
William Narrow, University of New Mexico
Kathy Pike, Columbia University
Ezra Susser, Columbia University
Milton Wainberg, Columbia University
Myrna Weissman, Columbia University
Holly Wilcox, Johns Hopkins

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