Scientific Program

Friday, November 11, 2016

14.00 - 15.00 Registrations
15:00 - 18:45
15:00 - 16:45
Chairs: I. Ferousis – D. Mastrokalos

Best surgical approaches to fix an elbow fracture | B. Ntinopoulos
When do I need an X-ray, CT scan or  MRI | S. Giarmenitis
Distal biceps rupture | I. Ferousis
Tennis Elbow | P. Samelis
Cubital tunnel syndrome
| C. Dimitriou
Golfer’s elbow | I. Saris

16:45 - 18:15

Chairs: P. Papagelopoulos- C. Sinopidis

Arthroscopy of the elbow: portals and set-up | N. Darlis
Arthroscopic removal of loose bodies of the elbow | A. Papadonikolakis
Arthroscopic release of elbow contracture | Bassem Elhassan
Positioning, Technique and Complications associated with elbow arthroscopy.  Analysis of 295 elbow arthroscopies | A. Papadonikolakis

 18:15 - 18:45 Chairs: P. Papagelopoulos – P. Koulouvaris

Benign tumors in the elbow joint | I. Papanastasiou
Malignant tumors in the elbow joint | P. Papagelopoulos

 19:00 Welcome Reception
Saturday, November 12, 2016

09:00-10:45 SESSION 2
Chairs: Z. Ntailiana– O. Savvidou

Distal humerus fractures | M. Vekris
Coronal shear fractures | Ζ. Ntailiana
Plating for column fractures: parallel, perpendicular or both? | S. Spiridonos
Radial head fracture: open reduction and internal fixation | Ι. Galanakis
Radial head fracture: radial head replacement | O. Savvidou
Essex-Lopresti injury | Ε. Apergis

10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 -12:45 SESSION 3
Chairs: Π. Dimakopoulos– Ι. Μaris

Monteggia fractures | Ι. Maris
Galleazi fractures | E. Chronopoulos
Floating elbow | Κ. Ditsios
Elbow dislocation | Ε. Fandridis
Terrible triad | S. Varitimidis

12:45 -13:45
Chairs: Α. Beris – P. Givisis

Biomechanics and elbow instability | Frederic Schuind
Postero-lateral elbow instability | Ν. Ζagoraios
Postero-medial varus instability | P. Givisis

 14:45-16:15 SESSION 5
Chairs: Κ. Ditsios- Ν. Ζagoraios

Strategy for managing distal humerus nonunions | Ν. Ζacharakis
The use of intramedullary fibular and impaction allografting in revision total elbow arthroplasty with endosteal deficiency | A. Papadonikolakis
Heterotopic ossification | Α. Κorompilias
Painful, Stiff Elbow: Surgical Options for Elbow Arthritis | P. Soukakos
Chronic elbow instability | Α. Beris

 16:15-16:30 Coffee Break
 16:30-18:00 SESSION 6
Chairs: Α. Κorompilias - S. Varitimidis

Total elbow arthroplasty : indications and type of implants | S. Varitimidis
Displaced distal humerus fractures in elderly: total elbow arthroplasty or hemiarthroplasty? | C. Sinopidis
Post-traumatic arthritis of the elbow: indications for interpositional arthroplasty | S. Sourmelis
Μayo total elbow arthroplasty experience | Elhassan Bassem
Τotal elbow arthroplasty in young patients and alternatives | Frederic Schuind

 18:00-19:00 Clinical cases
Chair: S. Sourmelis
Closing remarks