Why attend

By attending the IAPCO EDGE Seminar you should expect to take away with you:
  • General management skills and tool kits
  • Specific skills and expertise in relation to advances and changes taking place in the meetings industry and your sector
Join us in IAPCO EDGE Athens and:
  • Grow as an individual in your profession
  • Enjoy peer to peer learning - be amongts like-minded individuals
  • Live the vibes of a modern metropolis under the shadow of the famous Acropolis.
  • Prepare to learn but also to exchange ideas at the crossroads of civilizations, in a city where understanding and appreciating cross-cultural differences is just natural.
  • Combine a prime opportunity for professional education and development with the benefits of:
    • Unique natural environment, surrounded by the “wine dark” Aegean Sea
    • Unmatched combination of the new and the old
    • Traditional Greek hospitality
    • A dynamic meeting destination
    • A safe and easy going city
IAPCO's purpose is to drive excellence;EDGE will help you drive excellence in your respective jobs and business!