Final Scientific Program

(as of September 27th, 2016)

Wednesday • October 5, 2016

PRE-CONGRESS SEMINAR: International Junior Investigator Day*
Organized by the International College of Geriatric Psychoneuropharmacology (ICGP)

* Attendance only for ICGP Junior Investigator Awardees and assigned mentors

Chairs: S.M. McClintock (USA), S. Weisenbach (USA)

11:30-11:45  S. Weisenbach (USA): Introduction • Welcome to ICGP and Athens-Greece
11:45-12:05  G. Smith (USA): Scientific autobiography I

12:05-13:05  Light lunch • Get to know your ICGP mentor and mentee
Chairs: S.M. McClintock (USA), S. Weisenbach (USA)

13:05-13:35 D. Kiosses (USA): Grant writing strategies
13:35-13:55 O. Ajilore (USA): Scientific autobiography II
Chairs: S.M. McClintock (USA), S. Weisenbach (USA)

14:10-14:40 M. Lamar (USA): Manuscript writing 101

P.C. Donaghy (United Kingdom): Symptoms associated with mild cognitive impairment in Lewy bodies disease
G. Elder (United Kingdom): Hippocampal atrophy as a predictor of cognitive symptoms in dementia with Lewy bodies
A. Karstens (USA): The separate and interactive associations of urban trauma and depression on brain structure
E. Katirtzoglou (Greece): Plasma levels of lipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein A1 in patients with probable Alzheimer’s disease
Ch.M. Ulbricht (USA): Depression and cognitive impairment among newly admitted nursing home residents in the United States
G. Wolf (Israel): Molecular and neural basis of late-life depression – Insights from animal study

16:40-17:00 A. Moríñigo (Spain): International collaboration strategies

17:00-17:30 Questions & Answers - S. Weisenbach (USA) & ICGP Faculty

Thursday • October 6, 2016

09:00-10:30 SYMPOSIUM 1: Atypical clinical presentations in dementia
Chairs: S. Papageorgiou (Greece), M. Tsolaki (Greece)

S1.1 | S. Papageorgiou (Greece): Amnesia in frontotemporal dementia
S1.2 | V. Constantinides (Greece): Posterior presentations (posterio cortical atrophy, cortico basal syndrome) in Alzheimer's disease
S1.3 | G. Paraskevas (Greece): Alzheimer’s disease presenting as primary progressive aphasia
SYMPOSIUM 2: Rehabilitation and recovery of people with schizophrenia
Chairs: S. Rakitzi (Greece), P. Georgila (Greece)

S2.1 | P. Georgila (Greece): Biological interventions in individuals with schizophrenia. The recovery process. State of art
S2.2 | M. Printzou (Greece): Biological interventions in negative symptoms. State of art
S2.3 | K. Poulou (Greece): The implementation of IPT in chronic inpatients with schizophrenia
S2.4 | S. Rakitzi (Greece): Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and rehabilitation in schizophrenia patients. The recovery process. State of art
 10:30-11:30 LECTURES 1
Chairs: A. Papadimitriou (Greece), G. Papadimitriou (Greece)

L1.1 | Ch. Papageorgiou (Greece): Reasoning:  Psychophysiological evidence
L1.2 | I. Evdokimidis (Greece): Neuroimaging of memory circuits
 11:30-12:00  Coffee Break
SYMPOSIUM 3: New perspectives on trajectories of NeuroPsychiatric Symptoms (NPS) over the course of dementia and relationships with cognition and function
Chair: J.-M. Leoutsakos (USA)

S3.1 | J.-M. Leoutsakos (USA): Trajectories of NPS in pre-clinical NACC (National Alzheimer Coordinating Center) participants and conversion to MCI and dementia
S3.2 | M. L. Haaksma (the Netherlands): The disconnection of cognitive and psychiatric symptom trajectories in the Clinical Course of Cognition and Comorbidity (4C) study dementia cohort
S3.3 | P.J. Ousset (France): Trajectories of agitation and its predictors in AD patients from the European ICTUS cohort
S3.4 | L. Marston (United Kingdom): Agitation and quality of life in people with dementia living in care homes
SYMPOSIUM 4: Sleep and psychiatric disorders in the elderly
Organized by the WPA Section on  Psychiatry and Sleep Wakefulness Disorders

Chairs: Th. Paparigopoulos (Greece), W.V. McCall (USA)

S4.1 | W.V. McCall (USA): Insomnia and depression in the aged
S4.2 | Ch. Theleritis (Greece): Hypersomnia and mental health in the elderly
S4.3 | N.-T. Economou (Greece): Sleep in Alzheimer’s and other dementias
S4.4 | C.R. Soldatos (Greece): A brief commentary on the interface of sleep medicine and Psychiatry
 13:30-14:30 Intermission (Lunch on your own)
 14:30-16:00 SYMPOSIUM 5: Advances in electroconvulsive therapy: Practice and research
Chairs: G. Petrides (USA), Z. Daskalakis (Canada)

S5.1 | Ch. Kellner (USA): PRIDE – Prolonging Remission In Depressed Elderly
S5.2 | W.V. McCall (USA): PRIDE study: Quality of life measures
S5.3 | A. Hermida (USA): Efficacy of ECT in patients with dementia with agitation and severe behavioral disturbance
S5.4 | W. McDonald (USA): The use of ECT in elderly patients with bipolar affective disorders
Discussion - Z. Daskalakis (Canada)
SYMPOSIUM 6: Old age depression
Organized by the  Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association
Chairs: A. Maillis (Greece), A. Politis (Greece)

S6.1 | A. Konsta (Greece): Epidemiology and clinical manifestations
S6.2 | R. Gournellis (Greece): Psychotic major depression in old age: An overview
S6.3 | E. Katirtzoglou (Greece): Pharmacological treatment of old age depression: The need for guidelines
S6.4 | D. Kiosses (USA): Suicide prevention in hospitalized middle aged and older adults
 16:00-16:30  Coffee Break
SYMPOSIUM 7: What’s new in older age bipolar disorder? Clinical assessment, treatment, and the brain
Chairs: B.P. Forester (USA), L.T. Eyler (USA)

S7.1 | B. Forester (USA): Clinical assessment and evidence based treatments for OABD
S7.2 | D. Harper (USA): Insights into cognitive impairment in OABD through phosphorus spectroscopy (31P MRS) of the brain
S7.3 | L.T. Eyler (USA): Accelerated brain aging in bipolar disorder? Using multi-modal neuroimaging to assess age-related changes
S7.4 | F. Hozer (France): Could lithium prevent the bipolar disorder brain age-related decline?
Discussion - S. Lehmann (USA)

SYMPOSIUM 8: The role of cytokines, proinflammatory mediators on the availability of precursor’s aminoacids and the tryptophan/kynurenine pathway in the pathogenesis of major neuropsychiatric disorders
Chairs: N. Venizelos (Sweden), A. Halaris (USA)

S8.1 | A. Halaris (USA): Inflammation biomarkers, growth factors and kynurenine metabolites aid in stratifying patients with major depressive disorder
S8.2 | R. Vumma (Sweden): Proinflammatory cytokines (IL-1β, IFN-γ, IL-6, TNF-α) and oxidative stress decrease the transport of dopamine precursor tyrosine V
S8.3 | N. Venizelos (Sweden): Influences of proinflammatory cytokines on precursor amionoacids transport can cause cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia, ADHD, autism and related CNS diseases
S8.4 | I. Rangel (Sweden): Influences of gut microbial producing butyrate on the functionality of neurotransmitter precursor aminoacids transporter
 18:00-19:00 SYMPOSIUM 9 (PRESIDENTIAL SYMPOSIUM): Current developments on depression in MCI and in Alzheimer’s disease
Chairs: A. Moríñigo (Spain), A. Politis (Greece)

S9.1 | A. Moríñigo (Spain): An introduction to the BPSD (Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms in Dementia)
S9.2 | A. Politis (Greece): Depression in Alzheimer’s disease
S9.3 | D. Kiosses (USA): PATH: A non-pharmacological approach on depression in patients with MCI
Chairs: C. Soldatos (Greece), A. Moríñigo (Spain)

Welcome Addresses
Congress Chairs
C. Soldatos
, President, Hellenic Society for the Advancement of Psychiatry and Related Sciences
A. Moríñigo, President, International College of Geriatric Psychoneuropharmacology

 Salutations - Messages
D. Bhugra, President, World Psychiatric Association
F. Thibaut, Past President, World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry
D. Dikeos, Past President, International Neuropsychiatric Association
A. Mailis, President, Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association
D. Ploumpidis, President, Hellenic Psychiatric Association

Opening of the Congress
E. Patsouris, Dean, School of Health Sciences, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

Presentation of Awards and Prizes

  • The 2016 “Costas Stefanis Award for Excellence in Psychiatry and the Neurosciences”  to be presented to Sir Robin Murray
  • The 2016 ICGP“Senior Investigator Award”  to be presented to  Prof. Alan Thomas
  • The 2016 “Athenian Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Psychiatry and Related Sciences”  to be presented to Prof. Constantine George Lyketsos
  • The 2015 "Delphic Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Psychiatry and Related Sciences”
    to be presented to Prof. Martha Koukkou
  • The 2016 "Delphic Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Psychiatry and Related Sciences” to be presented to Prof. Nikolaos Venizelos

Keynote Lectures

KL1 | Sir R. Murray (United Kingdom): At last we have a model of schizophrenia that integrates social and biological phenomena

KL2 | A. Thomas (United Kingdom): The neurobiology of late-life depression

Friday • October 7, 2016

 08:30-10:00 SYMPOSIUM 10: Physiological aberrations in dementia
Chairs: D. Avramopoulos (USA), C. Munro (USA)

S10.1 | D. Avramopoulos (USA): Genes and the risk for Alzheimer's disease
S10.2 | C. Munro (USA): The stress response as a predictor for Alzheimer’s disease
S10.3 | A. Politis (Greece): Apathy as a personality change in dementia
S10.4 | D. Dikeos (Greece): Sleep disturbances and dementia
SYMPOSIUM 11: Good psychogeriatric practices in Greece
Chairs: Th. Vorvolakos (Greece), D. Ploumpidis (Greece)

S11.1 | A. Mougias (Greece): A multidomain, dementia home care program in Athens: Design, description and preliminary results of effectiveness
S11.2 | R. Soldatos (Greece): An integrated model for psychogeriatric care in remote areas
S11.3 | I. Papatriantafyllou (Greece): Cognitive stimulation program for depression in old age
S11.4 | P. Sakka (Greece): Community dementia services in Greece
 10:00-11:30 LECTURES 2
Chairs: C. Soldatos (Greece), N. Stefanis (Greece)

L2.1 | F. Thibaut (France): Recent guidelines on biomarkers for schizophrenia
L2.2 | T.C. Theoharides (USA): Stress, brain inflammation and brain fog
L2.3 | C.G. Lyketsos (USA): Treatment development for neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer’s with a focus on agitation 
 11:30-12:00  Coffee Break
SYMPOSIUM 12: Unconventional comorbidities associated with brain aging: A focus on depression and dementia
Chair: M. Lamar (USA)

S12.1 | R. Potier (France): Cochlear implants for the prevention of dementia: Is the "capacity of mentalization" a good predictor of implant success?
S12.2 | A. Karstens (USA): Separate and interactive associations of urban trauma and depression on brain structure: Implications for assessing depression in older adults
S12.3 | O. Ajilore (USA): Impact of thyroid function on white matter connectivity: Implications for geriatric depression and antidepressant treatment response
S12.4 | C.E. Gould (USA): Late-life anxiety disorders, mood disorders, somatic symptoms and medical comorbidity
Discussion - R. O’Hara (USA), E. Castro - Costa (Brazil)

SYMPOSIUM 13: Diagnosis and intervention for neuroprogression in psychiatric disorders
Organized by the WPA Section  on  Immunology and Psychiatry
Chairs: A. Halaris (USA), M. Maes (Australia)

S13.1 | M. Maes (Australia): Pathways and mechanisms contributing to neuroprogression in unipolar and bipolar disorder
S13.2 | E. Haroon (USA): Inflammation-induced increase in glutamatergic activity contributes to neuroprogression in patients with mood disorders
S13.3 |F. Boufidou (Greece): Pharmacological interventions to arrest neuroprogression
S13.4 | A. Halaris (USA): Modulation of immune system activation may arrest neuroprogression in psychiatric disorders
Intermission (Lunch on your own)
Walkabout POSTER SESSION 1 (click here for the poster presentations )
 14:30-16:00 SYMPOSIUM 14: Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
Chairs: A. Thomas (United Kingdom), F. Blanc (France)

S14.1 | J. Kane (United Kingdom): Diagnosis and management of dementia with Lewy bodies in clinical services: Results from the DIAMOND-Lewy study
S14.2 | F. Blanc (France): Cognitive and neurovegetative symptoms in prodromal dementia with Lewy bodies: Results of the AlphaLewyMA cohort
S14.3 | P. Donaghy (United Kingdom): The cognitive profile and associated symptoms of Lewy body MCI
S14.4 | J.-P. Taylor (United Kingdom): Exploring cognitive and attentional fluctuations in DLB: A multimodal perspective
SYMPOSIUM 15: EEG manifested brain functional states and intra-individual variance of subjective experience
Chair: M. Koukkou (Switzerland)

S15.1 | M. Koukkou (Switzerland): Dissociated EEG brain functional states in first episode productive schizophrenics
S15.2 | P. Milz (Switzerland): Modalities of thinking are reflected in cross-frequency functional independent brain networks
S15.3 | P. Faber (Switzerland): The microstates of meditation: An EEG analysis  
 16:00-16:30  Coffee Break
 16:30-18:00 SYMPOSIUM 16: Possibilities for dementia prevention: New evidence and emerging risk factors
Chairs: S. Köhler (the Netherlands), R. O’Hara (USA)

S16.1 | K. Deckers (the Netherlands): The Lifestyle for Brain Health (LIBRA) index: Validation studies of a new tool for dementia prevention
S16.2 | E. Castro-Costa (Brazil): Sleep and incident cognitive impairment: Findings from the Brazilian Bambuí Cohort study
S16.3 | R. O’Hara (USA): Trajectories of affective symptoms and dementia
S16.4 | S. Köhler (the Netherlands): From possibility to action: Translating epidemiological findings into the real world
SYMPOSIUM 17: Eating disorders and the brain
Organized by the Eating Disorders Section of the Hellenic Psychiatric Association
Chairs: E. Varsou (Greece), F. Gonidakis (Greece)

S17.1 | I. Michopoulos (Greece): Set shifting and moral reasoning in anorexia nervosa
S17.2 | F. Gonidakis (Greece): The interplay between symptomatology and neuroimaging findings in anorexia nervosa
S17.3 | G. Georgantopoulos (Greece): Food addiction and eating disorders
SYMPOSIUM 18: Late-life depression: Molecular basis and neural networks
Chairs: M. Butters (USA), G. Smith (USA)

S18.1 | G. Wolf (Israel): Molecular and neural basis of late-life depression, from animal study
S18.2 | M. Butters (USA): Longitudinal cognitive trajectories in late-life depression
S18.3 | G. Smith (USA): Positron emission tomography molecular imaging in late-life depression
S18.4 | H. Yamashita (Japan): Vascular neuropathology and neurotransmitter abnormality in late-life depression 
YOUNG PSYCHIATRISTS SEMINAR: Developing behavioral interventions for late-life depression
Organized by the Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association & the University Research Institute of Mental Health
Moderators: A. Maillis (Greece), A. Politis (Greece)
G. Alexopoulos (USA): Neurobiologically based behavioral interventions in the management of late-life depression
D. Kiosses (USA): Psychosocial interventions for depressed, difficult-to-treat older adults

Saturday • October 8, 2016

 09:00-10:30 SYMPOSIUM 19: Sex differences in preclinical neuropsychopharmacology
Chair: N. Sitaras (Greece)

S19.1 | N. Kokras (Greece): Sex differences in depression and antidepressant response: Preclinical and clinical data
S19.2 | E. Papalias (Greece): Psychotropic actions of aromatase inhibitors: Preclinical and clinical data
S19.3 | I. Sotiropoulos (Greece): Brain vulnerability to Alzheimer’s disease pathology:  Does sex matter?
S19.4 | Ch. Dalla (Greece): Neuroplasticity modulation: Effects of stress, gender and antidepressants
SYMPOSIUM 20: CSF biomarkers in dementia
Chairs: L. Stefanis (Greece), E. Kapaki (Greece)

S20.1 | G. Paraskevas (Greece): Classical biomarkers: Which question they do answer?
S20.2 | E. Emmanouilidou  (Greece): Newer biomarkers (a-syn, TDP 43). Are they helpful?
S20.3 | E. Kapaki (Greece): Biomarkers in subcortical vascular dementia
Chairs: G. Vaslamatzis (Greece), C. Potagas (Greece)

FC1 │ S. Vacas (Portugal): Depression and dementia: Cause, consequence or coincidence?
FC2 │ V. Orgeta, R. Gould, R. Jones, G. Livingston (United Kingdom): IDEA: Intervention to prevent Depressive symptoms and promote well-being in EArly stage dementia: Development and feasibility
FC3 │ M. Lyons, H. Xian, R. McKenzie, M. Panizzon, C. Franz, R. Toomey, K. Jacobson, W. Kremen (USA): Predictors of depression with onset in later middle-age
FC4 │ H. Hamid, A.S. Bushra (UAE): Perceived depression and depressive symptoms among NCDs patients attending primary health centers in Dubai UAE 2014
FC5 │ S. Vacas (Portugal): The microbiome ‒ The missing link in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia
FC6 │
L.Alba-Ferrara (Argentina): Orbitofrontal cortex (OFC)  response underlies attentional bias towards alcohol-related sounds in abstinent alcoholics

 10:30-11:30 LECTURES 3
Chairs: A. Liakos (Greece), E. Stamboulis (Greece)

L3.1 | L. Stefanis (Greece): Advances in approaching Parkinson’s disease
L3.2 | V. Mavreas (Greece): Mild cognitive impairment: Is it a valid diagnosis?
 11.30-12.00  Coffee Break
 12:00-13:30 SYMPOSIUM 21: Neuroimaging in Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
Chairs: J.-P. Taylor (United Kingdom), F. Blanc (France)

S21.1 | P. Donaghy (United Kingdom): Clinical correlates of amyloid deposition in dementia with Lewy bodies
S21.2 | A. Thomas (United Kingdom): Neuropathological validation of FP-CIT imaging
S21.3 | F. Blanc (France): Magnetic resonance imaging findings in prodromal Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB)
S21.4 | L. Bonanni (Italy): Thalamic involvement in cognitive and behavioral symptoms in Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB): Magnetic resonance evidence
Discussion - J.-P. Taylor (United Kingdom)
SYMPOSIUM 22: The base of evidence in controversial issues
Organized by the WPA Section on Evidence Based Psychiatry
Chair: K.N. Fountoulakis (Greece)

S22.1 | E. Tsapaki (Greece): Clozapine in refractory schizophrenia: Review of the evidence
S22.2 | E. Karavelas (Greece): Adding antidepressant in refractory schizophrenia
S22.3 | K. Fountoulakis (Greece): Charting the knowledge of bipolar therapeutics
Chairs: P. Sakkas (Greece), A. Douzenis (Greece)

CR1 │ B. Francis, K.S. Lim, S.T. Jambunathan, A.H. Hashim (Malaysia): Antiepileptic-induced psychosis is a possible predictor for post temporal lobectomy alternate psychosis
CR2 │ G.P. Paraskevas, G. Papadimas, T. Zambelis, C. Karagiaouris, A. Bougea, M. Bourbouli, M. Walter, N. Schumacher, S. Krause, E. Kapaki (Greece, Germany): Familial frontotemporal dementia with myopathy due to Valosin Containing Protein (VCP) mutation
CR3 │ V. Constantinides, G.P. Paraskevas, A. Bougea, I. Vamvakaris, I. Evdokimidis, E. Kapaki (Greece): A case of probable multiple system atrophy with prominent behavioral symptoms
CR4 │ S.E. Karaoulanis, E. Kita, K. Bonotis, E. Kapsalaki (Greece): White matter abnormalities in a woman with anorexia nervosa: A case report and review of the literature
CR5 │ A. Paraschakis, V. Milionis (Greece): Severe psychogenic pruritus in an elderly woman: A case report
 13:30-14:00 Intermission (Lunch on your own)
Walkabout POSTER SESSION 2 (click here for the poster presentations )
 14:00-15:30 SYMPOSIUM 23: Ears, eyes and mind: The “SENSE-Cog Project” to improve mental well-being for elderly Europeans with sensory impairment
Chairs: Ch. Thodi (Cyprus), A. Politis (Greece)

S23.1 | Ch. Thodi (Cyprus): Gaps in support care needs: A qualitative description
S23.2 | A.P. Charalambous (Cyprus):
Cognitive assessment of adults with hearing and/or vision impairment
S23.3 | L. Wolski (Germany): Interventions to support hearing and vision in patients with dementia
S23.4 | I. Leroi (United Kingdom): Protocol of sensory support intervention to improve dementia outcomes
SYMPOSIUM 24: Non pharmacological interventions and new technologies in prevention and management of dementia
Chair: Magda Tsolaki (Greece)

S24.1 | Thr. Tsiatsos (Greece): Augmentation of the Support of Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers (ASPAD project)
S24.2 | Th. Stavropoulos (Greece): Dementia ambient care: Multi-sensing monitoring for intelligent remote management and decision support
S24.3 | St. Zygouris (Greece): Remote detection of mild cognitive impairment through assessment of longitudinal  performance in serious games: A new paradigm for screening
S24.4 | I. Tarnanas  (Greece): Dementia early screening and disease progression tracking in the clinical practice by means of ALTOIDA MedTech
SEMINAR: Prevalence and applicability of immunological, sleep research and evidence-based medicine
approaches in Clinical Psychiatry

An Intersectional WPA Seminar
Chairs: C.R. Soldatos (Greece), A. Halaris (USA)

A. Halaris (USA): Immunology in Psychiatry
Th. Paparrigopoulos (Greece): Sleep research in Psychiatry
K.N. Fountoulakis (Greece): Evidence-based Psychiatry
Limited participation
 15:30-17:00 SYMPOSIUM 25: New advances in FTLD
Chairs: E. Kapaki (Greece), G. Paraskevas (Greece)

S25.1 | G. Koutsis (Greece): Molecular and genetic basis
S25.2 | I. Papatriantafyllou (Greece): Clinical presentation
S25.3 | G. Paraskevas (Greece): Pointing towards a specific protein
SYMPOSIUM 26: From genes to domains of functioning: Endophenotypes in bipolar disorder
Organized by the International Neuropsychiatric Association
Chairs: D. Dikeos (Greece), P. Ferentinos (Greece)

S26.1 | P. Ferentinos (Greece): The emerging molecular genetic architecture of bipolar disorder
S26.2 | K. Tournikioti (Greece): Cognitive endophenotypes in bipolar disorder: Weighing the evidence
S26.3 | D. Dikeos (Greece): Circadian activity and sleep-related endophenotypes in bipolar disorder
Greek Psychogeriatric Society’s “E. Lykouras” Award for best poster presentation