Poster Presentations

POSTER SESSION 1: Dementia – Neurology – Old-age depression

PP01 | ICGP Junior Investigator AwardeeP.C. Donaghy, J.T. O’Brien, N. Barnett, K. Olsen, D. Golden, S. Lawley, A.T. Thomas (United Kingdom): Symptoms associated with mild cognitive impairment in Lewy bodies disease

PP02 | ICGP Junior Investigator Awardee: G. Elder (United Kingdom): Hippocampal atrophy as a predictor of cognitive symptoms in dementia with Lewy bodies

PP03 | ICGP Junior Investigator Awardee: A. Karstens, O. Ajilore, A. Kumar, M. Lamar (USA): The separate and interactive associations of urban trauma and depression on brain structure

PP04 | ICGP Junior Investigator Awardee: E. Katirtzoglou, E. Stamouli, Ch. Piperi, M. Passa, A.A. Politis, A. Maillis, A.M. Politis (Greece): Plasma levels of lipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein A1 in patients with probable Alzheimer’s disease

PP05 | ICGP Junior Investigator Awardee: Ch.M. Ulbricht, K.L. Lapane (USA): Depression and cognitive impairment among newly admitted nursing home residents in the United States

PP06 | ICGP Junior Investigator Awardee: G. Wolf, T. Lifschytz, A. Lotan, B. Mernik, H.B.A.E. Avidan, T. Merzel, P. Tatarskyy, N. Koroukhov, B. Lerer (Israel): Molecular and neural basis of late life depression – Insights from animal study

PP07 | S. Hong (Korea Republic): Relationship between alcohol use disorder and cognition in the elderly

PP08| S. Hong (Korea Republic): The relationship between temporal discounting and well-being in the elderly

PP09 | K. Lapane, Ch. Ulbricht, J. DeShazo, J. Hunnicutt, W. Jesdale (USA): Trends and correlates of in-patient initiation of antipsychotics among elderly patients discharged to nursing homes

PP10 |
G.P. Paraskevas, A. Bougea, V. Constantinides, M. Bourbouli, I. Evdokimidis, E. Kapaki (Greece): Clinical, cognitive and neurochemical profile of patients with cerebral amyloid angiopathy: A case-series

PP11 | A. Bougea, G.P. Paraskevas, V. Constantinides, I. Evdokimidis, E. Kapaki (Greece): Neuropsychiatric profile of patients with Parkinson’s disease dementia, dementia with Lewy bobies and Alzheimer’s disease: A case-control study

PP12 | R. Shikimoto, M. Sado, A. Ninomiya, K. Yoshimura, T. Baba, B. Ikeda, M. Mimura (Japan): Predictive factors associated with psychological symptoms of the caregivers of people with dementia in Japan: Cross-sectional study

PP13 |
E. Pleioni, D. Xekouki, K. Kontokostas (Greece): Sleep quality in carers of demented patients: The impact on carers' health status and functionality

PP14 | K. Kontokostas, S. Kontokostas, G. Masouri (Greece): The relation between REM sleep behavior disorder and Parkinson’s disease

PP15 | K. Kontokostas, S. Kontokostas, G. Masouri (Greece): Pain syndromes in patients with Parkinson’s disease

PP16 | P. Gkogkolaki, I.N. Beratis, D. Pavlou, N. Andronas, D. Kontaxopoulou, S. Fragkiadaki, I. Papatriantafyllou, G. Yannis, S.G. Papageorgiou (Greece): Relationship of neuro-psychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and driving behavior

PP17 | M. Papadopoulou, D. Thomas, S. Efstathiou, R. Gournellis, I. Michopoulos, A. Douzenis (Greece): Hashimoto encephalopathy: A rare cause of dementia not to be missed

PP18 | I. Michopoulos, R. Gournellis, K. Tournikioti, A. Karavia, K. Nikolaou, M. Papadopoulou, P. Kavagka, K. Papazahos, A. Douzenis (Greece): Neuropsychological profile of depressive subtypes: Melancholic-psychotic depression

PP19 | K. Gmitterova, A.A. Politis, P. Valkovic, I. Zerr (Slovakia & Germany): Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in the differential diagnosis of dementia

PP20 | N. Degleris, A. Solias, I.N. Beratis, M. Tsolaki (Greece): Gender differences in senile depression. Ilion Municipality Hellenic Study (IMHS)

PP21 | N. Degleris, A. Solias, I.N. Beratis, M. Tsolaki (Greece): Exploring the association between depression and major neurocognitive disorder

PP22 | G.P. Paraskevas, V. Constantinides, M. Rentzos, V. Zouvelou, A. Bougea, M. Panagiotou, V. Mantas, G. Skarakis, I. Evdokimidis, E. Kapaki (Greece): Autoimmune and paraneoplastic encephalitis presenting with neuropsychiatric symptoms. A case-series report

PP23 |
V. Constantinides, G.P. Paraskevas, C. Beblidaki, I. Evdokimidis, E. Kapaki (Greece): Neuropsychiatric inventory subscale analysis in patients with Parkinson-plus syndromes

PP24 |
Aik.L. Kaltsouni, I.N. Beratis, D. Pavlou, N. Andronas, D. Kontaxopoulou, S. Fragkiadaki, I. Papatriantafyllou, G. Yannis, S.G. Papageorgiou (Greece): Driving performance and MCI: The influence of neuropsychiatric symptoms

PP25 |
P. Fexi, K. Siarkos, E. Katritzoglou, G. Limouris, A.M. Politis (Greece): Severity of extrapyramidal side effects in elderly patients treated with antipsychotic medication: A basal ganglia imaging study

PP26 |
P.E. Valkimadi, G. Velonakis, E. Karavasilis, E. Arampatzi, E. Katritzoglou, K. Siarkos, A.M. Politis (Greece): Religious behaviors in dementia: Neuroimaging correlates

PP27 |
G. Angelopoulou, D.S. Kasselimis, G. Makrydakis, M. Varkanitsa, P. Roussos, D. Goutsos, I. Evdokimidis, C. Potagas (Greece): Pauses in aphasia: A new approach of quantifying impaired speech output

PP28 |
G. Angelopoulou, D.S. Kasselimis, G. Kolovos, A. Daskalaki, Ch. Peppas, A. Tavernarakis, C. Potagas (Greece): Pure word deafness due to herpes simplex encephalitis

PP29 |
D.S. Kasselimis, D. Tsolakopoulos, C. Potagas (Greece): Verbal working memory deficits in left and right brain damage

PP30 |
M. Konishi, H. Tabuchi, B. Yamagata, M. Mimura (Japan): A neuropsychological study of mild cognitive impairment as predictor of Alzheimer’s disease

PP31 |
A. Konsta, P. Kechayas, E. Zampouridou, G. Minadaki, K. Fokas (Greece): Is executive dysfunctioning an important mediating factor between geriatric depression and suicide?

PP32 |
A. Konsta, P. Kechayas, E. Zampouridou, G. Minadaki, K. Fokas (Greece): Planning and problem solving performance in geriatric depression

PP33 |
R. Gournellis, I. Michopoulos, M.A. Papathanasiou, K. Tournikioti, X. Geronikola-Trapali, K. Chadzimihail, Ch. Zombola, A. Karavia, M.-L. Psarra, A. Douzenis (Greece): A case of neurocysticercosis: Neuropsychiatric manifestations

PP34 |
M. Passa, D.N. Kiosses (Greece & USA): A case report of a suicide prevention intervention for high risk older adults

PP35 |
M.E. Peters, V. Rao, D. Roy, K.T. Bechtold, H.I. Sair, J.-M. Leoutsakos, T.E. Van Meter, H. Falk, U. Ofoche, A.J. Hall, B. Anderson, A. Freshta, O. Lardo, C.G. Lyketsos, F.K. Korley (USA): Traumatic brain injury in individuals 65 and older: Differences between young and old in head injury characteristics and one-month outcomes

PP36 |
K. Siarkos, A.M. Politis (Greece): Brain white matter atlas-based analysis in late-life depression: A pilot study

PP37 |
T. Vorvolakos, A. Starianou, M. Athanasiou, S. Anastasiou, M. Samakouri (Greece): Old-age Psychiatry Clinic in the University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis: The first five years of experience

PP38 |
Α.A. Mougias, I. Petroulia, C. Armata, R. Giannakopoulou, E. Kontogianni, A.M. Politis (Greece): Psychological effects on caregivers of a dementia-specific hospitalization clinic

PP39 |
A.A. Mougias, G. Pratila, I. Petroulia, E. Skaltsounaki, E. Kontogianni, L. Messinis, A.M. Politis (Greece): Effectiveness of multi-domain cognitive intervention groups on a sample of normal and mild cognitive impairment individuals

PP40 |
C. Theleritis, K. Siarkos, E. Katirtzoglou, A.M. Politis (Greece): A systematic review of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of apathy in Alzheimer’s disease

PP41 |
B. Britton, D. Daniels, B. Hage, J. Sinacore, A. Halaris (USA): Heart rate variability predicts treatment outcome in major depression and may predict treatment outcome in bipolar depression

PP42 |
D. Edberg, J. Fareed, D. Hoppensteadt, A. Walborn, T. Phan, A. Halaris (USA): Assessing peripheral biomarkers during cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor combination treatment for bipolar depression

PP43 |
L. Haacker, N. Thapar, B. Hage, J. Sinacore, A. Halaris (USA): Arterial stiffness as an index of inflammation in patients with bipolar depression

PP44 |
E. Johnson, S. Ibrahim, J. Sinacore, A. Halaris (USA): The role of inflammatory biomarkers and neurotrophins in bipolar disorder

POSTER SESSION 2: Psychiatry

PP45 | A. Kapsomenakis, Th. Hyphantis, D.S. Kasselimis (Greece): In search of an integrated profile of the Greek gambler: A preliminary, multidisciplinary approach

PP46 | A. Zartaloudi, M. Frounta (Greece): Burnout in the Intensive Care Unit professionals

PP47 | A. Zartaloudi, M. Frounta (Greece): Depression, anxiety and psychological distress among parents of infants admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

PP48 | A. Zartaloudi, M. Frounta (Greece): Suicidal behavior in adolescents and children

PP49 | J. Ying, P.C. Tor, Y.M. Mok (Singapore): A case series of patients with schizoaffective disorder in a Mood Disorder Unit

PP50 | M. Frounta, A. Zartaloudi (Greece): School-based human sexuality education: Issues and challenges

PP51 | M. Frounta, A. Zartaloudi (Greece): The challenge of the implementation of human sexuality education programs in Greek schools

PP52 | N. Degleris, V. Sakelaridi, A. Solias (Greece): Mirror neurons: Basic properties and functional role

PP53 | E. Boutselakοu, M. Spanou, A. Papadopoulou, V. Efstathiou, Α. Κleisoura, V. Vyzikidou, R. Gournellis, D. Tsaklakidou, E. Rizos, A. Douzenis, C. Christodoulou (Greece):  Potential drug-drug interactions in patients with psychiatric and cardiovascular comorbidity

PP54 | M. Spanou, E. Boutselakou, A. Papadopoulou, V. Efstathiou, Α. Κleisoura, V. Vyzikidou, D. Tsaklakidou, R. Gournellis, E. Rizos, A. Douzenis, C. Christodoulou (Greece): Potential drug interactions in patients evaluated of consultation liaison psychiatry

PP55 | F. Bakomitrou, S. Baskaki, E. Skopelitou, S. Kouvari, I. Spiropoulos, V. Spinaris (Greece): How the treatment with depot affects compliance

PP56 |
M. Logotheti, E. Pilalis, F. Kolisis, A. Chatziioannou, N. Venizelos (Sweden & Greece): Development and validation of a skin fibroblast biomarker profile for schizophrenic patient

PP57 | A. Hermida, O. Glass (USA): Challenges and recommendations of ElectroConvulsive Therapy (ECT) in heart transplant patients

PP58 | E.S. Tsamou (Greece): The free will problem: Between neuroscientific determinism and freedom