Consensus Conference

Thursday, February 19, 2015
08:30-08:40 Introduction to the Consensus
M. Zerah (Paris), S. Sgouros (Athens), F. Di Rocco (Paris)
08:40-10:30 Part 1: Spinal tumors in children, Therapeutical strategies in spinal cord low grade tumors
Chairmen: F. Di Rocco (Paris), S. Sgouros (Athens)

08:40-09:00 Spinal Cord Tumors, what wee have learned in the last 50 years
M. Choux (Marseille)
   09:00-09:20 Surgical management of newly diagnosed spinal cord low grade tumors
K. Kothbauer (Switzerland)
   09:20-09:40 Surgical management of residues of spinal cord low grade tumors
D. Thompson (London)
   09:40-10:00 Oncological management of spinal low grade tumor
C. Dufour (Paris)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break (Cordially offered by Codman)

11:00-11:30 Free presentations

Spinal surgery training: expectations of the different neurosurgical educational systems
Nabeel Alshafai (Antwerp)

Intracerebral Pneumocephalus after Endoscopic Odontoidectomy in a Pediatric Patient. A Case report.
Gokmen Kahilogullari (Ankara)

Outcomes of Spinal Cord Tumors in Childhood: Our Institutional Series
Garcia-Fructuoso Gemma ( Barcelona)

Chairman: M. Zerah (Paris)
Panel: S. Sgouros, M. Choux, D. Thompson, K. Kothbauer, C. Dufour, M. Ozek,
F. Sala, G. Cinalli, S. Gorelyshev

1. Is surgery the first option?
2. Is total removal the goal?
3. Which management in huge tumors and/or McCormick score 4-5 ?

12:30-13:30 Light Lunch

13:30-15:30 Part2: Spinal fixation in children: Preventing post-surgical spinal deformity
Chairmen: F. Sala (Verona), S. Gorelyshev (Moscow)

  13:30-13:45 Rationale of spinal stabilization in children after spinal cord surgery;
L. Massimi (Rome)
  13:45-14:15 Surgical techniques
D. Thompson (London)
  14:15-14:35 Indications of spine fixation after spinal cord surgery
G. Jallo (Baltimore)
  14:35-14:55 Limitations and side-effects of spine fixation
M. Ozek (Istanbul)
  14:55-15:20 Fixation of the spine after spinal cord surgery: neurosurgeon duty? Orthopedist duty? Or team work?
S. Papastephanou (Athens)
  15:20-15:30 Discussion

15:30-16:00  Coffee break (Cordially offered by Codman)

16:00-17:30 Part 2 (continue): Spinal fixation in children
Chairmen: M. Choux (Marseille), G. Cinalli (Naples)

Free presentations on topic

16:30-17:30 Consensus
Chairman: K. Kothbauer (Switzerland)
Panel:  S. Sgouros, M. Choux, M. Zerah, D. Thompson, M. Ozek,
L. Massimi, G. Jallo, S. Gorelyshev

1. Laminotomy: what are the exceptions?
2. When to stabilize?
3. How and how long to stabilize?
4. Who is doing what and when? Roles of the orthopedist and of the neurosurgeon

Friday, February 20, 2015
08:00-10:00 Part 3: Spinal tumours in children, Role of Neuromonitoring
Chairmen: D. Thompson (London), G. Tamburrini (Rome)

08:00-08:20 Decision making and IO Monitoring 
F. Sala (Verona)
   08:20-08:40 Advantages and disadvantages of IOM
D. Thompson (London)
  08:40-09:00 Limits of Neuromonitoring in surgery for spinal cord pathology
K. Kothbauer (Swiss)
   09:00-09:15 Is it possible to do spinal cord surgery without  IOM ?
M. Zerah (Paris)
   09:15-10:00 Consensus
Chairman: M. Ozek (Istanbul)
Panel: M. Zerah, G. Jallo, K. Kothbauer, S. Sgouros, M. Choux,
D. Thompson, G. Tamburrini, F. Sala, S. Gorelishev, G. Cinalli

1. IOM to protect the patient or the surgeon ?
2.  Which equipment is mandatory to perform spinal cord surgery?
3.  Who does the IOM ?
4.  What can be done without IOM? What cannot absolutely be done without IOM ?
   10:00 Conclusion to the Consensus
M. Zerah (Paris), S. Sgouros (Athens)
Coffee - Refreshments