The QR code at a glance

The QR code at a glance
This specific technological application allows us, with just a simple rollover of your mobile phone camera over the QR Code, that is either printed or in the screen of your computer, to access WebPages, images, videos, texts etc.
QR Codes are 21st century’s barcodes: they provide us with encoded information without the necessity of a specific type of appliance
They are legible from all devices that have a camera and connect to the internet.  
The encoded information can either be stable or dynamically change as any other webpage.  

In reality, QR Codes are the same as barcodes, but they are recognizable by any device that integrates a camera and an internet connection.  QR Code analysis results to a text that can be up to 4 thousand characters long, accompanied by photos and videos.

Imagine that you read a text that your professor gave you and you want to access a webpage- source or a video that it mentions, from your cell phone, your tablet or your pc. What you would have to do would be to type the address.  Now, you only have to open the cover of your phone camera and “bring” it on the QR image, needless taking a photo. Your phone “understands” the
existence of the QR Code and asks you if you want to visit the website!

Quick steps to access
In order to scan a QR Code you need a Smartphone or a tablet pc with an integrated camera and connection to the internet (we always take into consideration the charges of our provider when you use a 3G connection. Always prefer your house Wi-Fi connection or a free public Wi-Fi hot spot).

Download an application on your cell phone, compatible with QR Code. Free iOs and Android applications exist.

  1. Identify the QR Code you are interested in (printed or Screen / PC)
  2. Switch on the relevant application and point the camera at it

Finally, your cell phone detects the code and asks a link in order to view the content (video, text, webpage)!