Monday May 5, 2014

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08:00-10:00 SESSION 4: Complex hydrocephalus and neurosurgical management of the preterm infant
Joint session with the Brazilian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (SBNPed)
  Chairpersons: Nelci Zanon (Brazil), Massimo Caldarelli (Italy)

08:00-08:30 INVITED LECTURE IL05
Management strategies for neonatal intraventricular haemorrhage
Marcia Cristina Da Silva (Brazil)

OP17 Ventriculo-subgaleal shunt in post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus
Claudio Ruggiero, Pietro Spennato, Giuseppe Mirone, Ferdinando Aliberti, Giuseppe Cinalli (Italy)

OP18 Risk factors for congenital hydrocephalus: a nationwide, register based cohort study
Tina Noergaard Munch, Marie Louise Hee-Rasmussen, Jan Wohlfahrt, Marianne Juhler, Mads Melbye (Denmark)

OP19 Influence of CSF protein content on revision rate in neonatal hydrocephalus
Matthias Preuß, Robin Wachowiak, Jürgen Meixensberger, Ulf Nestler (Germany)

OP20 External ventricular drainage and urokinase injection therapy for post-intraventricular hemorrhagic hydrocephalus in very-low-birth-weight-infants
Young Soo Park, Yukiko Kotani, Hiroyuki Nakase (Japan)

09:00-09:15 DISCUSSION
FP34 Treatment of post-haemorrhagic hydrocephalus in prematurity: single-centre experience
Benedetta Pettorini, Bassel Zebian, William John Kitchen, Christos Chamilos, Ganesalingam Narenthiran, Jonathan Ellenbogen (United Kingdom)

FP35 Multiloculated hydrocephalus in preterm infants: a surgical challenge
Andrea Carai, Paolina Giuseppina Amante, Carlo Efisio Marras, Francesco Portaluri, Teresa Fasano, Raffaella Messina, Alessandro De Benedictis, Emidio Procaccini, Andrea Dotta, Cinzia Auriti, Paolo Palma (Italy)

FP36 Intraventricular hemorrhage in preterm infants: proposal of a new strategy
Armando Cama, Marcello Ravegnani, Gianluca Piatelli, Alessandro Consales, Marco Pavanello, Andrea Rossi, Andrea Moscatelli, Luca Ramenghi (Italy)

FP37 Antibiotic impregnated catheters reduce ventriculo-peritoneal shunt infection rate in high risk pediatric patients
Giovanni Raffa, Rosaria Viola Abbritti, Lucia Marseglia, Eloisa Gitto, Antonino Germanò (Italy)

FP38 Peritoneal failure in VP shunts: a clinico-pathological study
Khaled Aly, Esam Ayad (Egypt)


FP40 Effect of surgical treatment of intracranial cysts in children and infants – Lessons learned
Radek Frič, Anne Henriette Paulsen, Bernt Johan Due-Tønnessen (Norway)

FP41 The impact of a nursing care protocol in the manegement of External Ventricular Derivation (EVD) in a Pediatric Neurosurgery unit
Eduardo Jucá, Patrícia Kozempa, Sâmya Lobo, Suzane Tavares (Brazil)

09:45-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break • ePosters Viewing
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10:30-13:00 SESSION 5: Hydrocephalus
  Chairpersons: Martin Schuhmann (Germany), Paul Chumas (United Kindom)
10:30-10:50 INVITED LECTURE IL06
Novel treatments in hydrocephalus: from plastic to pharmacology
James P. McAllister (USA)

OP21 Contemporary shunt technology: 20 years of Cambridge Shunt Lab
Zofia Czosnyka, Hugh K. Richards, Marek Czosnyka, John D. Pickard (United Kingdom)

OP22 The story of “asymptomatic ventriculomegaly” – Normal pressure hydrocephalus of infancy and childhood
Martin U. Schuhmann, Artemisia Dimostheni, Humphrey Okechi, Sasam Adib, Andrea Bevot, Karin Haas-Lude (Germany)

OP23 An external validation of the ETVSS for both short-term and long-term predictive adequacy in 104 pediatric patients
Gerben Breimer, Deborah Sival, Marjolein Brusse-Keizer, Eelco Hoving (The Netherlands)

OP24 Stringent indication criteria reduced frequency of vetriculoperitoneal shunt surgeries in myelomeningocele patients
Takafumi Wataya, Ryuji Ishizaki, Yuzuru Tashiro (Japan)

OP25 How to improve the management of multiloculated hydrocephalus. Surgical outcomes in 91 neuroendoscopic procedures
Flavio Giordano, Regina Mura, Raffaele Scrofani, Pierarturo Donati, Federico Mussa, Barbara Spacca, Lorenzo Genitori (Italy)

OP26 Benign extracerebral collections of infancy
Hamilton Matushita, Daniel Cardeal, Fernanda Andrade (Brazil)

OP27 Quantification of radiation exposure in children with ventriculo-peritoneal shunts
Christopher Cowie, Gareth Dobson, Alistair Jenkins, Claire Nicholson, Patrick Mitchell (United Kingdom)

OP28 Ventricular shunting in neonates and infancy and development of plagiocephaly: how serious is it?
Stuart Roberts, Reema Chawla, Guirish Solanki (United Kingdom)

OP29 How evolution informs the fate of ancient inhibitory interneurons, in relationship to the cerebrospinal fluid contacting neurons, in the human neocortex
Alexandra Kunz, Andras Csokay (USA, Hungary)

12:05-12:25 Discussion

FP42 Fidelity study of a new synthetic simulator for endoscopic third ventriculostomy
Gerben Breimer, Vivek Bodani, James Drake (The Netherlands, Canada)

FP43 Early (<30 day) shunt failure: lessons from 5-years of audit
Ian Anderson, Atul Tyagi, Gnanamurthy Sivakumar, John Goodden, Paul Chumas (United Kingdom)

FP44 Challenges in management of hydrocephalus in TB meningitis
Kaushik Sil (India)

FP45 Open spina bifida: report of malfunction of shunts in adults
Dieter Class, Mohamed Abdelrehim, Henriette Wolko, Raimund Firsching (Germany)

FP46 Pattern of complications and presenting features in patients implanted ventriculoperitoneal shunt due to hydrocephalus
Vash Dev Khimani, Riaz Ahmed Raja (Pakistan)

12:40-13:00 Discussion
13:00-14:00 SATELLITE LUNCHEON SYMPOSIUM 1 Industry Sponsored
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13:30-14:30 Lunch Break • ePosters Viewing
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14:30-16:10 SESSION 6: Epilepsy Surgery
  Chairpersons: Silvio Machado (Brazil), Spyros Sgouros (Greece)
14:30-14:50  INVITED LECTURE IL07
Epilepsy Surgery in children: whose choise? The family, the clinician or the politicians? Lessons for the future
William J. Harkness (United Kingdom)

OP30 Outcome of temporal lobe resection for pediatric epilepsy: review of 197 cases
Greg James, Martin Tisdall, Sophia Varadkar, Helen J. Cross, William J. Harkness (United Kingdom)

OP31 Risk and benefit of resective epilepsy surgery in the first years of life
Marec von Lehe, Christoph Schöne-Bake, Robert Sassen, Stefan Kuczaty, Caroline Wessling (Germany)

Epilepsy surgery in infants under a year of age
Michael Handler, Ramesh Kumar, Susan Koh, Pramote Laoprasert, Kelly Knupp, Brent O'Neill (USA)

OP33 Robotic assisted endoscopic disconnection of hypothalamic hamartoma in the management of drug resistant epilepsy
Raffaella Messina, Carlo Efisio Marras, Emidio Procaccini, Erika Rebessi, Andrea Carai, Carlotta Ginevra Nucci, Alessandro De Benedictis, Paolo Palma, Niccoló Castelli, Olivier Delalande (Italy)

OP34 Endoscopic disconnection of hypothalamic hamartomas: safety and feasibility of robot-assisted, thulium laser-based procedures
Amedeo Calisto, Georg Dorfmüller, Martine Fohlen, Christine Bulteau, Alfredo Conti, Olivier Delalande (France, Italy)

OP35 A retrospective analysis of outcome after epilepsy surgery in a regional pediatric neuroscience centre
Dmitri Shastin, Suresh Chandrasekaran, G. Sivakumar,D. Crimmins, C. Ferrie, M. Morrall, V. Gayatri, D. Warren, M. Ray, Paul Chumas (United Kingdom)
OP36 Long-term seizure control outcomes after resection of mesiotemporal glioneuronal tumors: a study of 52 pediatric patients
P. Kowalczyk, P. Daszkiewicz, Marcin. Roszkowski (Poland)

OP37 Surgery for drug resistant epilepsy in children – Clinical spectrum, surgical techniques and outcome
Arimappamagan Arivazhagan, Malla Bhaskara Rao, Sinha Sanjib, B.A. Chandramouli, P. Satishchandra (India)

FP47 Surgical management and long term outcome of pediatric patients with epilepsy and associated cerebral cavernous malformations
Marec von Lehe, Stefan Kuczaty, Christian von der Brelie (Germany)

FP48 Efficacy of the Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) for treatment of refractive epilepsy in the pediatric population: our institutional series
Gemma Garcia-Fructuoso, Mariana Alamar, Santiago Candela, Patricia Puerta, Adriana Ulate-Campos, Javier Aparicio, Francesco Sanmartí, Epilepsy Surgery Unit (Spain)

FP49 Low-grade tumors associated with cortical dysplasia and focal epilepsy: a surgical pediatric case series
Alessandro De Benedictis, Raffaella Messina, Andrea Carai, Angela Mastronuzzi, Erika Rebessi, Carlotta Ginevra Nucci, Paolo Palma, Emidio Procaccini, Carlo Efisio Marras (Italy)

16:05-16:10 Discussion
16:10-16:30 Coffee Break • ePosters Viewing
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16:30-17:00 SPECIAL LECTURE 2
  Gene therapy – A new field for Pediatric Neurosurgery
Michel Zerah (France)
17:00-18:00 SESSION 7: Quality assessment: complications and positive outcome criteria
  Chairpersons: Eelco Hoving (The Netherlands), Chandrashekhare E. Deopujari (India)
Embryogenesis of secondary malformations of the brain in myelomeningocele
Hamilton Matushita (Brazil)

OP38 Exploring the black box of consenting in Pediatric Neurosurgery: quality assurance at a pediatric neurosurgical centre
Adikarige H.D. Silva, Chirag Patel, Haren E. Wijesinghe, Julian J. O'Neill Cahill, Alia Murtaza, Desederio Rodrigues (United Kingdom)

FP50 Selective dorsal rhizotomy as a treatment for spasticity in children in all gross motor functional classification system grades: observational study
Samiul Muquit, Ismail Ughratdar, Ahmad A. Moussa, Shairbanu Zinna, Harshal Ingale, Rosanna Fielding, Michael Vloeberghs (United Kingdom)

FP51 Preoperative and postoperative urodynamic outcome of tethered cord syndrome in children
Ibrahim Alatas, Kerem Ozel, Tuba Tunc, Huseyin Canaz, Serhat Baydın, Osman Akdemir (Turkey)

FP52 Preoperative urodynamic findings of occult spinal dysraphisms in children
Ibrahim Alatas, Kerem Ozel, Tuba Tunc, Huseyin Canaz, Serhat Baydın, Akın Gokcedag, Osman Akdemir (Turkey)

FP53 Quality of life in operated pediatric hydrocephalus cases – Experience of 20 years series
Alexandru Tascu, Adrian Iliescu, Catalin Pascal, Iulia Vapor, Radu E. Rizea, Adrian Barari, Andrei Spatariu (Romania)

FP54 Selective dorsal rhizotomy as an alternative to intrathecal baclofen pump replacement in GMFCS 4-5 children
Ismail Ughratdar, Harshal Ingale, Ahmad A. Moussa, Samiul Muquit, Shairbanu Zinna, Michael Vloeberghs (United Kingdom)

FP55 The importance of “remote” decompressive craniectomy
Joseph N. Guilburd, Sergey Abeshaus

17:50-18:00 Discussion