Scientific Information

Instructions for Speakers

All Conference rooms are equipped with a computer and a projector. However, please be informed that all versions of Windows MS PowerPoint are acceptable, with the exception of Mac. In case you have a MacBook, please make sure you bring it with you, along with your adaptor, in order to be able to plug and play your presentation.
To ensure the smooth running of the Conference, speakers are kindly requested to have their presentations uploaded on the desktop of their presentation room in a timely manner (namely either the day before for early morning sessions or early in the morning for the afternoon sessions).

Instructions for Chairing Sessions

1) Chairs are responsible for ensuring that all presentations in the session adhere strictly to scheduled times:
a. Chairs should be in/outside the room at least 10 minutes before the session starts;
b. They should identify speakers of the session and let them know they are chairing their talk;
c. Chairs should also check the speakers details: spelling and pronunciation of their names, affiliation, title of talk and ask for any information they would like to be mentioned in their introduction.

2) Computer use
Chairs will be responsible for ensuring that all session presenters have saved their presentation documents on the desktop before the session begins.

3) Introducing the speaker
At the start of each talk, Chairs should briefly introduce the speaker(s) to the audience, mentioning name, affiliation, title/topic of talk and any other information that the speakers may have given them in advance.

4) Keeping time
a. This is the most important role of the Chairs. For the smooth running of the conference it is vital that they ensure that the speaker sticks to their allotted time.
b. Chairs should sit in a place where the speaker can see them very clearly. They should have 4 chairing cards on their desk, which show “10 minutes left”, “5 minutes left”, “1 minute left”, “Time is Up”.
c. Chairs should begin the session exactly on time.
d. Chairs should flash the time cards to the speaker at the appropriate points in their presentation; they should ensure their watch/timer is accurate and refer to this constantly throughout the session.

5) Ending the session
a. At the end of the presentation, Chairs should invite questions from the floor spelling out the time (a total of 5 min max) allowed for this.
b. They should not allow any speaker to monopolize question time, unless there are no other questions.
c. At the end of the presentation, Chairs should thank the speaker and initiate applause.
d. In the undesirable event of no time allowed for questions, Chairs are to invite the audience to ask their questions during the coffee break. It is important to keep to schedule.
e. In case of any cancellation, Chairs should continue with the next presentation.
f. Should there be any need, Chairs should ask the student assistant present in the room to seek assistance from the organizers (Help desk).