Scientific Contributions Update

Mario Maj (Italy): Research in psychiatry: Ongoing debate and evolving priorities

Tsuyoshi Akiyama (Japan): Fukushima project: Nuclear disaster stress relief project

Edgar E. Belfort (Venezuela): Use of medication to be avoided in the practice of child/adolescent psychiatry

R. Haim Belmaker (Israel): An update on the mechanism of action of lithium

Dinesh Bhugra (UK): Challenges in clinical decision making in psychiatry

Stefano Bolognini (Italy): Interdisciplinary Collaboration: the Psychiatrist and the Psychoanalyst as possible co-workers in the Mental Health Field today

Afzal Javed (UK): Needs and opportunities in mental health

Martha Koukkou (Switzerland): Sociocultural and scientific beliefs: Interrelationships and the experience of well-or- mall-being

Pavlos Kymissis (USA): The illusion of linear causality: An epistemological question for psychiatry

Zoltan Rihmer (Hungary): Possible causes of different national-regional suicide rates

Michelle B. Riba (USA): Psycho-oncology and Psychopharmacology

Pedro Ruiz (USA): Depression and pregnancy: Clinical Considerations

Symposium: Non-invasive brain stimulation for neuropsychiatric disorders: The promise of Transcranial Current Stimulation (tCS)
Chair: E. Angelakis (Greece) - P. Ktonas (Greece)
Symposium: Psychosomatic clinic and psychoanalysis
Organized by: Association Institut de Psychosomatique Pierre Marty Ipso Paris
P. Aloupis (France) 

Symposium: Balint groups as a place for psychological support and training method for doctors and other health professionals
Organized by: Hellenic Balint Group
Chair: L. Bitrou (Greece)

Symposium: Multilevel endophenotype analyses across the life span for the dissection of schizophrenia syndrome in the Post-GWAS Era
Chair: P. Bitsios (Greece)

Symposium: Neuroscience and psychiatry in context: affect, evolution and ideology
Chairs: N. Bouras (UK) - G. Ikkos (UK)

Symposium: Childhood trauma and its consequences in adulthood
Chair:  M. Coccosis- Ginieri (Greece)

Symposium: Recent developments of anti-stigma Greece, Japan and the world
Chair: M. Economou (Greece) - T. Akiyama (Japan)
Symposium: Sexual side effects of psychiatric medications: An overview
Chair:  K. Fokas (Greece)

Symposium: Advanced clinical understanding of major psychiatric disorders
Chair: K.N. Fountoulakis (Greece)

Symposium: Systemic behaviour analytic interventions in autism spectrum disorder: Joining the child, the family, the school
Chair: A. Gena (Greece)

Symposium: The scientific approach to psychiatry: Contribution of Quantum Physics 
Chair: D. Geroukalis (Greece)

Symposium: Psychological-Philosophical approach of the serial killers’ behaviour
Chair: D. Geroukalis (Greece)

Symposium: Psychoneuroimmunology assists in the differential diagnosis of major psychiatric disorders
Chair: A. Halaris (USA) - B. Leonard (Ireland)

Symposium: Putting together the pieces of the puzzle: Inflammation, Neuroplasticity and Depression
Chair: A. Halaris (USA) – J. Jokinen (Sweden)

Symposium: Use and missue of alcohol in Europe: The situation, its consequences and related policies
Chair: A. Kokkevi (Greece)

Symposium: Current Challenges in psychiatric education and training
Chair: P. Kymissis (USA) -  V. Mavreas (Greece)

Symposium: Assessment and treatment of early psychosis in children, adolescents and young adults
Chair: M. Kyriakopoulos (UK)

Symposium: Economic crisis, mental disorders and suicide in Greece: Recent research data
Chair: M. Madianos (Greece) – M. Economou (Greece)

Symposium: Gambling involvement in Greece during the recession: from hope to despair
Chairs: M. Malliori (Greece) - M. Economou (Greece)

Symposium: The Multiple Facets of Russian Psychiatry
Chair: P. V. Morozov (Russia) - A. Pavlichenko (Russia)

Symposium: Psychiatric practice: Science or Magic?
Chair: P. V. Morozov (Russia) – O. Karpenko (Russia)

Symposium: Choosing stories, choosing futures: The empowerment of people through the construction of new life stories in therapy
Organized by: Cyprus Society of Family Therapy
D. Mousteri (Cyprus)

Symposium: The neurodevelopmental hypothesis for schizophrenia updated: The epigenetic role of perinatal events
Chair: M. Panayotacopoulou (Greece)

Symposium: Treating schizophrenia with human systems therapy
Organized by: Hellenic Systemic Thinking and Family Therapy Association
N. Paritsis (Greece)

Symposium: The value of systemic psychotherapy different contexts
Organized by: Hellenic Federation of Systemic and Family Therapy-ETHOS
M. Polemi-Todoulou (Greece) - K. Charalabaki (Greece)

Symposium: What the systemic therapeutic approach can offer to the understanding and management of social problems
Organized by: Athenian Institute of Anthropos
P. Polychronis (Greece)

Symposium: Novel community mental health actions during a period of financial crisis
Organized by: Association of Regional Development and Mental Health
S. Stylianidis (Greece)

Symposium: Psychoanalysis in  Psychiatry : New directions and integrations
Chairs: G. Vaslamatzis (Greece)  – K. Navridis (Greece)
Symposium: Schizophrenia and precursors of dopamine and serotonin, effects of cytokines and oxidative stress on the transport of precursors - role of antioxidants and butyrate
Chairs: N. Venizelos (Sweden) – F. Kolisis (Greece)

Symposium: New findings in pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of chronic insomnia
Chair: A. Vgontzas (Greece)

Round Table: Conduct disorder in adolescence
Chair: D. Dikeos (Greece) – E. Lazaratou (Greece)

Round Table: Aspects of Forensic Psychiatry in Greece
Organized by: Hellenic Forensic Psychiatric Association
Chair: A. Douzenis (Greece) – C. Tsopelas (Greece)

Round Table: Contemporary approaches to Psychosocial Rehabilitation. From the
unthinkable to the obvious
Organized by: Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health
Chair: A. Giantselidou (Greece) – V. Bochtsou (Greece)

Round Table: Psychoanalysis and organic diseases
Organized by: Hellenic Psychoanalytical Society
S. Beratis (Greece)

Round Table: Moving from an Anxiety Disorder to an Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Related Disorder:Challenges to our clinical and research approaches to OCD
Organized by: Greek Association for Behavioral  Research
F. Gonidakis (Greece)

Round Table: Clinical complications and challenges for psychiatric nosology in bipolar disorder
Chair: G. Moussas (Greece) – A. Karkanias (Greece)
Round Table: Psychotherapeutic interventions in specific patient groups in the General Hospital
Chair: J. Nimatoudis (Greece)
Round Table: Involuntary hospitalization: Clinical, ethical and legal issues
Chair: M. Samakouri (Greece)

Round Table: Involuntary hospitalizations in Greece: Interdisciplinary perspectives
Organized by: Association of Regional Development and Mental Health

Chair: S. Stylianidis (Greece)
Round Table: Context, multidisciplinary activities and evaluation data of a Psychotherapy Day Centre
Organized by: Open Psychotherapy Centre
Chair: I.K. Tsegos (Greece)

Round Table: Menopause: What is important for psychiatry?
Chairs: I. Zervas (Greece) – I. Lambrinoudaki (Greece)

Round Table: Psychotic manifestations regarding the reproduction cycle of women
Chair: I. Zervas (Greece)

Workshop: Autism and Psychosis: the Lacanian approach to three clinical cases
Organized by: Athenian Academy of Clinical Studies of the Freudian Field Institute
R. Blanchet (Greece)

Workshop: The neurocognitive deficit in unipolar depression
Chair: K.N. Fountoulakis (Greece)

Workshop: The Pseudoproblem of the psychic
Organized by: Greek Society of Phenomenological – Existential Analysis and Psychotherapy
M. Theodosiou (Greece) - K. Gemenetzis (Greece)

Workshop: Principles and values of the multidisciplinary assessment of preschool-aged children
Chair: C. Karni (USA) - A. Clyde (USA)

Workshop: The long journey of language through the body
Organized by: Drama Therapy Center “AEON”
S. Krasanakis (Greece)

Workshop: Connecting personal stories, the small group theme and the large group reality: The leader's therapeutic utiliation of the group process and group theme
Organized by: Athenian Institute of Anthropos
M. Polemi- Todoulou (Greece)

Workshop: Working on the heart of the matter: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for distressed couples and families
Organized by: European Family Therapy Association
Κ. Polychroni (Greece)
Workshop: Cognitive behavior therapy for panic disorder
Organized by: Greek Association of Cognitive Behavior and Therapies
G. Simos (Greece)

Workshop: New trends in antipsychotic treatment
Organized by: Hellenic Association of Clinical Psychopharmacology
C. Touloumis (Greece)  

Special Session: Applying schema therapy to the treatment of "difficult patients": Clinical case presentations
Organized by: Greek Society of Schema Therapy
I. Zervas (Greece) - I. Malogiannis (Greece)
Special Session: Therapeutic aspects of playback theatre
Organized by: Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy “Palmos”
Chair: L. Yiotis (Greece)