Poster Presentations


PP01 - Disability of cognitive and emotional empathy in schizophrenic patients
S.-I. Lee, K.-C. Kim (Korea Republic)

PP02 - Processes underlying the introspective ability of patients with schizophrenia towards their memory accuracy
E. Bacon, E. Sevdinoglou, M. Pillot, B. Schwartz (France/USA)

PP03 - Clinical characterisation of psychiatric symptoms in acute intermittent porphyria: A report of a pair of identical twins
D. Prets, M. Lal (Singapore)

PP04 - Effects of lateralized prefrontal tDCS on emotional states
M. Konstantinidi, E. Angelakis, N. Andreadis, E. Liouta, P. Ktonas, D. Sakas (Greece)

PP05 - Twice per day high frequency rTMS is more effective than once per day active rTMS in treatment resistant depression
C. Theleritis, P. Sakkas, T. Paparrigopoulos, C. Tzavara, S. Bonaccorso, A. Politis, C.R. Soldatos, C. Psarros (Greece/United Kingdom/USA)

PP06 - Twice and three times per day high frequency rTMS in patients with bipolar depression
C. Theleritis, P. Sakkas, T. Paparrigopoulos, C. Psarros (Greece/United Kingdom)

PP07 - Iron deposition in subcortical nuclei and Intelligence in young adults
G. Darnai, A. Altbacker, E. Plozer, G. Perlaki, R. Horvath, G. Orsi, S.A. Nagy, Z. Clemens, J. Janszky (Hungary)

PP08 - A transcriptomic computational analysis of fibroblasts from patients with bipolar disorders
M. Logotheti, O. Papadodima, A. Chatziioannou, N. Venizelos, F. Kolisis (Sweden/Greece)

PP09 - Parkinson Disease-Cognitive Rating Scale: Normative data for Greek population
G. Konstantinidou, S. Pantinaki, I. Zalonis (Greece)

PP10 - Ruff Figure Fluency Test: Normative data and the effects of aging and level of education on the use of cognitive strategies
S. Pantinaki, G. Konstantinidou, I. Zalonis, S. Papageorgiou (Greece)

PP11 - On quality of life of multiple sclerosis patients in Greece. A population cohort study
M. Anagnostouli, A. Artemiadis, S. Katsavos, P. Argirou, M. Zacharis, I. Theotoka, F. Christidou, I. Zalonis, C. Kilidireas, I. Liappas, E. Stamboulis (Greece)

PP12 - Dimensions of metacognitions in a sample of alcohol dependent patients - Comparison with a sample of healthy subjects
P. Stefanatou, E. Giannouli, P. Tsellos, T. Paparrigopoulos, G. Konstantakopoulos, M. Typaldou (Greece)

PP13 - Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in a cohort of Hellenic multiple sclerosis patients
I. Theotoka, S. Katsavos, A. Artemiadis, M. Zacharis, P. Argirou, I. Liappas, E. Stamboulis, T. Paparrigopoulos, M. Anagnostouli (Greece)

PP14 - Time perspective in patients with obsessive compulsive and borderline personality disorder
M. Typaldou, E. Giannouli, P. Stefanatou, P. Tsellos, G. Vaslamatzis (Greece)

PP15 - Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity, current symptoms and neurocognitive functioning in bipolar disorder: A preliminary report
K. Tournikioti, M. Alevizaki, C.R. Soldatos, D. Dikeos (Greece)

PP16 - Behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia and diagnostic dilemmas: A case series and review of the literature
M. Skokou, I. Pavlidou, P. Alexopoulos, A. Theodoropoulou, P. Gouma, P. Polychronopoulos, K. Assimakopoulos, P. Vasilakos, P. Gourzis (Greece/Germany)

PP17 - DNA linker histone H1 subtype protein and mRNA levels of chromatin from leucocytes of patients with chronic schizophrenia
M. Xydous, I. Kloukina, M. Chrysanthou-Piterou, C.T. Kollias, V.P. Kontaxakis, T.G. Sourlingas (Greece)


PP18 - Relationship between quality of work life and mental health of Shiraz University of medical sciences employees, in 2010
A. Sahraian, H. Heydarpour Ganje, V. Rezaee (Iran)

PP19 - Frequency of marital adjustment among infertile couples
A. Sahraian, A. Bahmanpoor, S. Amooee, V. Rezaee (Iran)

PP20 - Mental health screening for freshmen in a University in the Tokyo Metropolitan area in Japan
Y. Fuse-Nagase, K. Nakagawa, T. Sensui, Y. Horiguchi, M. Mizuniwa, H. Miyakawa (Japan)

PP21 - The multidisciplinary assessment of preschool-aged children in a pediatric psychiatry outpatient clinic
A. Clyde, C. Karni, H. Thomas, S. Gelphman, K. Cumpata (USA)

PP22 - Empathy and job satisfaction of medical residents in South Korea
M.-S. Roh, B.-J. Hahm, H.Y. Lee, H. Kim, S.-E. Jung, D.H. Suh (Korea Republic)

PP23 - The psychopathology of the population of juvenile offenders under court supervision in Greece. An ongoing investigation. A year after
D. Konstantinidou, P. Bali, A. Douzenis (Greece)

PP24 - A chronic ontology model as telecare-decision support system for longitudinal monitoring of patients with bipolar disorder
C.H. Thermolia, E.S. Bei, E.G.M. Petrakis (Greece)

PP25 - Mental health consequences of childhood physical abuse in Chinese populations: A systematic review and meta-analysis
R. Wong, P. Ip, S. Li, K.L. Chan, F. Ho, C.-B. Chow (China)

PP26 - Utilizing Person-in-Environment (PIE) to analyze psychiatric social work practice in Greece
E. Neroutsos, Aik. Pachi, M. Fiste, E. Bisbiki, E. Kontomina (Greece)

PP27 - Cross-cultural comparison of psychosocial functioning in children with cochlear implants
R. Kumar, A. Warner-Czyz, C. Silver, B. Loy, E. Tobey (USA)

PP28 - Linking research with clinical practice: A dialogue between systemic family therapy and hermeneutic research methods
I. Moraitou, E. Tseliou (Greece)

PP29 - Feed backs: Useful to improve experimental studies and reduce bias
G. Botteon, V. Cardi, J. Treasure (Italy/United Kingdom)

PP30 - The narrative of mental health
V. Swift (Canada)

PP31 - Social cognitions, negative cognitive triad and the appearance of depressive symptomatology
A. Zartaloudi (Greece)

PP32 - Maladaptive social cognitions and mental health promotion
A. Zartaloudi (Greece)

PP33 - Addressing bereavement in individuals living with HIV/AIDS: Promotiοn of adaptation skills
E. Kontogianni, M. Vassiliadou, C. Papageorgiou (Greece)

PP34 - Self stigma in schizophrenia
D. Hadjipapanicolaou, P. Kozelek, T. Glaser, L. Kalisova, I. Zukov (Czech Republic)

PP35 - Promoting communication through parent child interaction in young children in the autism spectrum disorder
E. Pasalari, M. Vassiliadou, K. Papanikolaou (Greece)

PP36 - Expressive vocabulary, grammatical structures and phonology in Greek preschool children with specific speech and/or language impairment
E. Petraki, M. Vlassopoulos, D. Anagnostopoulos, E. Lazaratou (Greece)


PP37 - Paliperidone for the treatment of bipolar disorder
Chr. Istikoglou, E. Liapis, K. Kipourou, A. Aivatidis, R. Malamou, N. Polonifis, P. Kanellos, D. Kentroti, Aek. Vlavianou, I. Liappas, D. Vlissides, K. Vlachos (Greece)

PP38 - Paliperidone for the treatment of schizoaffective disorder
Chr. Istikoglou, R. Malamou, E. Liapis, A. Aivatidis, K. Kipourou, N. Polonifis, P. Kanellos, D. Kentroti, Aek. Vlavianou, I. Liappas, D. Vlissides, K. Vlachos (Greece)

PP39 - What happens during adolescence?: Premorbid signs of developing schizophrenia
C.S. Karatosidi, P. Stefanatou, E. Kattoulas, N. Stefanis, N. Smyrnis (Greece)

PP40 - Antipsychotic induced hyperprolactinaemia: Clinical features and management
G. Soldatos, A. Katsiaflianis, C. Karagkiaouris, P. Oikonomopoulou, I. Roba, V. Psarra, N. Drakonakis, E. Tsopanaki, G. Doulgeraki, C. Garnetas (Greece)

PP41 - The multilevel model on predictors and trajectories of depression for adolescents: A short-term longitudinal study
H. Lim, D. Oh, J. Oh, S. Jung (Korea Republic)

PP42 - Assessment of spontaneous facial expression of emotion: A pilot study in normal subjects
C. Papadopoulos, N. Smyrnis, I. Zalonis, C. Potagas (Greece)

PP43 - Drugs and pharmaceutical substances: Consumption in people with an eating disorder compared to healthy controls
G. Botteon, J. Gonzalez-Gomez, E. Pascolo-Fabrici (Italy/Spain)

PP44 - Is childhood obesity a risk factor for developing an eating disorder and unhealthy way of controlling body weight?
G. Botteon, J. Gonzalez-Gomez, E. Pascolo-Fabrici (Italy/Spain)

PP45 - The multilevel model on predictors and trajectories of depression for adolescents: A short-term longitudinal study
H. Lim, D. Oh, J. Oh, S. Jeong, S. Choi (Korea Republic)

PP46 - Caenorhabditis elegans as a model of weight gain caused by antipsychotics
I. Hellwig, M. Hornle, W.P. Kaschka, S. Hodgkinson (Germany)

PP47 - Screening for 22q11.2 deletions in a Chilean population with schizophrenia
A. Ruiz, J. Powell, R. Murray, P. Sham, E. Miranda, F. Benavides, G. Repetto (Chile/United Kingdom/Hong Kong)

PP48 - Neuropsychological impairments in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: A study in Chilean patients
A. Ruiz, M. Martinez, A. Soto, E. Miranda (Chile)

PP49 - Dysfunctional families and the risk for suicidal behaviour in emerging adults
M. Livanou, E. Angelopoulos (Greece)

PP50 - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in chronic schizophrenia
C. Theleritis, N. Baizanis, E. Triantafyllou, C. Christidou, P. Triantafyllou, A. Panayiotopoulou, M. Economou, G.N. Papadimitriou (Greece)

PP51 - Assessing cognitive abilities and psychosocial rehabilitation planning in patients with psychosis
C. Theleritis, N. Baizanis, E. Triantafyllou, C. Christidou, P. Triantafyllou, A. Panayiotopoulou, N. Isaakidou, A. Matsaggas, N. Tsinia, P. Skaltsi, M. Tzedaki, M. Economou, C. Papageorgiou (Greece)

PP52 - Incidence of PTSD six years after the 1995 earthquake in Egion, Greece
C. Psarros, C. Theleritis, E. Varsou, C. Tzavara, T. Paparrigopoulos, S. Martinaki, J.-D. Bergiannaki (Greece/UK)

PP53 - Psychosocial outcomes in Greek families with children with specific developmental disorders during the economic crisis
M. Vlassopoulos, Ν. Chavele, F. Kontopoulou, H. Lazaratou (Greece)

PP54 - SSRI augmentation of computerized cognitive remediation training, in patients with schizophrenia. Preliminary results
K. Samaras, M. Papagathangelou, G. Liamaki, P. Skaltsi, S. Martinaki, V. Masdrakis, E. Angelopoulos (Greece)

PP55 - Ondansetron effect on negative symptoms in schizophrenic patients: A randomized clinical trial
A. Manteghi, M. Dehestani, S. Manteghi (Iran)

PP56 - The effect of risperidone in drug-naive patients with first-episode psychosis: Chromatin ultrastructure of peripheral blood leukocytes
S. Havaki, I. Kloukina, M. Chrysanthou-Piterou, T.G. Sourlingas, V.P. Kontaxakis (Greece)

PP57 - Insomnia is related to the early development of PTSD in victims of wildfires in Ilia, Greece
C. Psarros, C. Theleritis, M. Economou, C. Tzavara, L. Mantonakis, K.T. Kioulos, J.-D. Bergiannaki (Greece/UK)