November updates

After a really busy October, November started with three more successful congresses that took place in Athens: The 2nd Joint WPA-INA-HSRPS Congress (30th October– November 2nd), the Clinical Dermato-oncology Course (31st October- 1st November) and the Guidelines of Uro-Genital Cancer in Greece.How Close, How Far? (08-09 November), as well as the Eshre Meeting “Making OHSS a complication of the past: State-of-the-art use of GnRH agonist triggering” that was held in Thessaloniki (31st October – 1st November).

Now, preparations are in full swing for the 5th International Meeting “Laparoscopic Surgery For Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis:  Principles, Techniques and Preventions of Complications”, to be held December 5-7, at Mitera Hospital, Athens, while a successful year ends with our team flying to Cape Town, for the 2nd International “Experts in Stone Disease (ESD)” conference, to be organized  December 10-13.

Many more important national and international congresses are yet to come within 2015!