Twenty years of unrivaled service, proven expertise you can rely on and solutions you can trust. ERASMUS has demonstrated its effectiveness on extremely large, multi-platform, simultaneous, worldwide projects in the Congress & Event Management field. Chief among Erasmus’ causes for celebration are its successful navigation and expansion through troublesome economic times while surviving the challenges and thriving in a highly competitive travel industry.

What started as a personal vision resulted in one of the top companies in Professional Congress Organizers, as in 1993 Mrs. Georgia Tsatsou and Mrs. Olga Dimopoulou joined forces giving birth to Erasmus Horizon Ltd. Few years later and after several internal changes, Erasmus Ltd was created counting more than 25 colleagues.  Our crowning moment comes in October 2006 with the organization of the 15th Congress of EADV on the captivating island of Rhodes, with the congress playing host to over 12,000 participants and 130 exhibitors.  Not long after that, we are rewarded in the form of the prestigious ISO-9001 certification for the high quality of our services, are included in the “Strongest Companies in Greece” and we become official members of the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO) and the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA).

Erasmus is moving full steam ahead. We pride ourselves in offering an extensive scope of services to meet our clients’ needs, delivering the best quality of customer service they deserve while honoring their values and forming meaningful relationships with them. Our mission consequently resumes in creatively running more than 50 projects per year. To celebrate we recount our 20 years of industry-leading accomplishments, salute our loyal customers and business partners and look forward to an expedition-filled future.

We would not be here without the support of all our dedicated followers as their inspirational commitment has helped shape Erasmus into what it is today. This is the best opportunity to look back on the successful development of our company, but even better to look ahead to the future in which we intend to maintain the quality of our services and to continue the story of our success.

Our company is now 20 years old, and still very dynamic. Let us go on that way!