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A big-sized international scientific event which took place in the birthland of Hippocrates, the island of Kos

“XIth International Myeloma Workshop & IVth International Workshop on Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia”

Dates: 25-30 June 2007

Location: Kos island

Number of participants: 3.300

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The challenge!!

Extraordinarily high temperatures (up to 48oC) caused cancellation of scheduled flights to the island due to non-show of crew members. In addition to this, during the event a fire in the central electricity power station caused breakdown of air conditions in half of the island’s hotels.

The solution!!

Erasmus team quickly acted to address both challenges. For the first instance, in the middle of a chaotic situation in the airports, Erasmus chartered Aegean Air planes and successfully transferred to the island people whose flights had been cancelled. When the air-conditioning breakdown occurred, Erasmus managed to successfully relocate a huge number of participants to other hotels within a few hours. Thanks to the team’s experience and calm attitude the problems were solved quickly and seamlessly.