Event ID: A small sized group of top VIP business people from Israel materializing business and ministry level meetings in Athens and Thessaloniki

“The Conference of Presidents”

Dates: February 2011

Location: Athens & Thessaloniki

Number of participants: 55 delegates and 25 spouses

The challenge!!

Increased security needs as per the client’s guidelines and very specific dietary requirements (Kosher food) throughout the duration of the program (6 days).

The solution!!

After thoroughly studying the specific needs and requirements of the group, the hospitality team of Erasmus diligently designed a detailed plan to cover every aspect of the meeting. This included among others: operation of the VIP lounge at the Athens international airport; ground transportation with police security escorting; extended security measures in the hotels and venues visited by the group; special arrangements with a caterer provider for Kosher food; hosting of a dinner in the Synagogue at Thessaloniki.